Cover-Moto Morini X Cape 650

The company’s latest ride is a teardrop-shaped adventure machine. It continues from the rest of Moto Morini’s quirky lineup and features design language reminiscent of 50cc minibikes, sports bikes, and Grand Prix racers.

The X-Cape 650 was officially unveiled in September at EICMA 2019. But the Minielllania-based firm did not show it to the broader public until June 2021, in Beijing.

However, the new video released by Moto Morini reveals many of its features.


X-Cape 650

There’s much great stuff you can do with a new steel frame. However, the X-Cape 650 is about having fun with a playful handling bike. We can honestly say that we wouldn’t send this bike off-road.

Not because it can’t handle some dirt time, but because we’d instead take it out for a spin around town or hit the twisties and see how fast we can get it up to highway speeds.

If you’ve read any of our Moto Morini reviews in the past, you know how much fun they are, and this one won’t be an exception.

The X-Cape 650 arrives with a 17-inch rear wheel with a 150/70 tire. And the front gets the 19-inch wheel with a 110/80 tire. Both are tubeless tires.

Brembos perform braking duties, and dual-channel Bosch ABS has a 23mm rotor at the rear and 298mm disc on the front.

The engine is 650cc, para twin liquid-cooled, making 60 horses at 8500 rpm. And 41 lb-ft of torque at 7,000 rpm. The bike gets a top speed of 108 mph and weighs 470 pounds (213 kgs dry weight).

Further, it gets 7 inch TFT console and has navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone screen projection.

The X-Cape 650 arrives in three Dolomite Red, Carrara Gray, and Blanco White shades. The new X-Cape 650 comes at 7,290 Euros in Italy, or around USD 8,600.

via Moto Morini

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