The RiMS Racing Trailer will travel to a championship circuit’s starting grid and finish line. Alternating between cinematic shots and real-time footage. 

The plot will be told as a circular sequence-shot trailer. The camera revolves around the lead character who lives through a typical race weekend (qualification, warmup and race). The trailer experience is divided into three acts:

They are inside the garage during warmup when there’s something for rounds. Then they cross the track just in time for the last round after qualifying before crossing their path again. With this character’s draft racetrack at full speed.


RiMS, as we say, Racing Into the Minds of “Superhumans”, is a futuristic racing trailer with a new idea and different concept. We present various visions that appeal to different tastes with our next-generation skills. 

A thrilling future confrontation where there’ll be no winners or losers will only be a matter of individual capacity vs limitations from both sides.RiMS: Racing Into the Minds of “Superhumans” in the sense that an extraordinary vision leads to the impossible becoming possible.

via Behance

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