KTM WAW 2022

Mark your calendars; THE WORLD ADVENTURE WEEK will take place from July 4th to 10th. Encouraging mass participation by all adventurers, no matter what bike they are on. THE WORLD ADVENTURE WEEK is a unique opportunity to go out and ride. The main goal: is to complete 1,000 km or more in seven days.

Seven days, 1,000 kilometres, July 4th to 10th, 2022.

Powered by KTM and RISER, THE WORLD ADVENTURE WEEK is the perfect excuse to put some mileage on your motorcycle. It is an invitation to explore the tracks and trails you’ve always wanted to and is an opportunity to share your favourite places with the global motorcycling community.


KTM WAW 2022

They will reward the most adventurous riders with daily prizes and the chance to be featured on theworldadventureweek.com and KTM’s social media channels. There will be different challenges to complete on each of the seven days. All riders completing 1,000 km or more in total receiving a personalized award.

The challenges will be open to all riders from all brands. To enter, you simply need to download the RISER app. From the App Store or Google Play and start recording your rides.

For all adventurers keen to learn more about this exciting new challenge.More information is available on theworldadventureweek.com.

KTM WAW 2022

KTM will release more information on the event’s daily and weekly prizes in the coming two weeks.

via KTM press

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