The Norton V4SV at the centre of this attention is a new model in a range that aims to stay true to the classic brand’s design legacy. Far from a retro homage to a bygone era, the new Norton is instead a state-of-the-art superbike with indications of current trends but true to Norton’s heritage.

We’re at a loss to adequately describe this cutting-edge machine. The design certainly seems to have a retro touch, especially with its classic logo and beautiful frame, but there’s just so much more than that on the Norton V4SV. It’s an innovative machine that stands apart both technically and aesthetically from its competitors.

Norton has specially designed V4SV to target experienced riders, focusing on ease of riding, comfort, and style. 




And yes, you read that right – Norton is not-so-subtly targeting the new rider crowd with a bike that’s based on a V4 engine.

We know so far of the Norton V4SV it will come mounted with a 1200cc V4, 72-degree, liquid-cooled engine. The powerplant is capable of making 185 horsepower @ 12,500rpm & 125-newton meters @ 9,000rpm of torque.

Chassis and Design

The powerplant gets support from tubular aluminium chassis and a hand-welded TIG frame that is hand polished to get the unique mirror finish. However, the chassis is made in house. The bike gets a Carbon fibre fuel tank designed to keep the bike compact.

Suspension and Brakes

Braced and underslung single-sided billet swingarm with rising-rate linkage geometry developed from the TT race bikes. The V4SV also gets a fully adjustable Ohlins NIX30 system front fork on the front, while the rear has Ohlins TTXGP Norton bespoke fully adjustable.

Similarly, Norton offers radially mounted Brembo monobloc callipers 2 x 330mm floating discs and a Brembo master cylinder on the front. At the same time, the opposite end has Brembo 245mm rear disc Brembo calliper and master cylinder.


Electronic Package

  • The electronic package involves LED lighting for low beam, high beam, indicators and tail light.
  • The console is a full-colour 6-inch display with auto-brightness adjustment. 
  • Further, the V4SV gets the rearview camera functionality, DRL-style lighting mode and rider ‘Engine Mode’ adjustment. 
  • Three riding modes Wet, Road and Sport. 
  • Complete quick shift system and auto blipper.
  • Linked to Engine Mode: lean-angle sensitive traction-control using six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).
  • Keyless ignition system with electronic steering lock (manual fuel filler cap)

Colour Options

Norton provides two colour options.

  • Manx Silver bodywork. Red and black pinstripes. Full-colour Union Jack. Black front number board. Red Oz racing forged aluminium wheels. Lacquered carbon fibre belly pan.
  • Carbon fibre bodywork. Monochrome Union Jack. Grey pinstripes, Carbon fibre BST wheels.

It’s almost impossible to believe that it’s already been 2022 since the Norton V4 first hit the road. After the motorcycle’s reception from riders, journalists and enthusiasts alike.

Norton has decided to stick with what works – updates are never a bad thing, but sometimes, the basics are all you need. And that means more power, more speed, better aerodynamics and lots of carbon fibre!

It’s the first time TVS purchased the Norton motorcycle company in late 2020 that they’ve had a platform to showcase their prowess in the engineering consortium. 

It also marks the first collaboration between Norton’s top designers and engineers with an Indian manufacturer, hopefully leading to some very innovative new engineering techniques.

Let’s see how it goes from here.

via Norton Motorcycles


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