Unveiling the REV’IT! Xena 4: A Game-Changer for Women Riders

Finding That Perfect Fit: A Quest for Riders

Let’s face it, finding motorcycle gear that feels like it’s been tailor-made for you can feel like hunting for a unicorn. Especially when you stumble upon that almost-perfect leather jacket, only to find the sleeves hanging past your fingertips. If you’ve been there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you’re a woman in search of a one-piece leather suit, well, the challenge just levels up.

We’re often left cobbling together jackets and pants, hoping for a miracle. But, let’s be honest, even with the plethora of made-to-measure services out there, most of us are navigating the racks or scrolling endlessly online, looking for that off-the-rack miracle. And, boy, do we need brands to acknowledge the diversity in women’s body shapes!

The REV’IT! Xena 4 Ladies One-Piece Suit to the Rescue

Enter stage left, the REV’IT! Xena 4 ladies one-piece suit. Finally, a glimmer of hope in the vast sea of motorcycle gear. REV’IT! seems to have heard our collective sighs and designed a suit that embraces the female form, not just in size but in shape, allowing us to move freely and, more importantly, safely.


The Perfect Blend of Protection and Comfort

A race suit needs to be snug. That’s non-negotiable. It’s all about keeping the armor right where it needs to be, and yes, that includes optional airbag gear. But that doesn’t mean you should feel like you’re stuffed into a sausage casing. Mobility on and off the bike is key, and REV’IT! has found a seemingly magical formula that marries the protective qualities of cowhide leather with the flexibility of strategically placed stretch panels.

Stretch Panels Galore

These aren’t your average stretch panels we’re talking about. These panels are placed in every conceivable area to ensure maximum movement without sacrificing safety. We’re talking stretch cuffs, ankles, armholes, calves, crotches, fronts, inside arms, shoulders, knees – you name it. Coupled with cuff and calf zippers for easy wear, and a fabric collar and cuffs that are all about comfort, this suit is designed to be forgotten once you’re on the bike. In a good way, of course.

Not Just Any Suit: A Closer Look at Features

The Xena 4 doesn’t stop at stretch panels. It’s packed with features aimed at making rides as comfortable as they are safe. There’s a wind catcher behind the zipper for those breezy rides, ventilation in all the right places, and even a speed hump ready for a hydration pack. Safety is a top priority with the inclusion of Betac elbow, knee, and shoulder protection, Seesmart hip protectors, and TPU sliders. And with a AAA safety rating, this suit isn’t messing around.

Accommodating Technology for Enhanced Safety

What’s particularly noteworthy is the Xena 4’s compatibility with advanced airbag systems, such as the Avertum Tech-Air and Tech-Air vest. Opting for an airbag means sizing up, but it’s a small compromise for the added safety benefit. This level of adaptability in a women’s suit is a significant step forward in rider safety.

Sizes, Availability, and Pricing: The Nitty-Gritty

The Xena 4 spans sizes 34 to 46, though it’s been a hot ticket item with current stock statuses pointing to “Out of Stock” directly on the REV’IT! site. This doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Local dealers might just be your next stop in securing this game-changing suit. Pricing in the US sits at $1,099, with Canada at $1,399.99, and you’ve got a choice between a sleek black or a vibrant blue.

Final Thoughts: A Step Forward in Women’s Motorcycle Gear

The REV’IT! Xena 4 ladies one-piece suit is more than just gear; it’s a statement. A statement that women riders deserve the same level of consideration, protection, and comfort as their male counterparts. It’s a sign of progress in the motorcycle apparel industry, acknowledging the unique needs and diversity of women riders. So, here’s to hoping more brands take note and that the future of motorcycle gear is as inclusive as it is innovative.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About the REV’IT! Xena 4 Ladies One-Piece Suit

Q: Can the REV’IT! Xena 4 really fit all body types?

A: Pretty much! Thanks to its magic combo of cowhide leather and stretch panels in all the right places, the Xena 4 is designed to hug a variety of women’s body shapes comfortably. Whether you’re tall, short, curvy, or somewhere in between, this suit aims to accommodate with a snug, yet flexible fit.

Q: What’s the deal with the stretch panels?

A: They’re a game-changer! Strategically placed stretch panels mean you can actually move, breathe, and ride without feeling constrained. These panels are located at key points like the cuffs, ankles, armholes, calves, and even the crotch area to ensure maximum mobility.

Q: Is it tough to get into this suit?

A: Not as tough as you’d think! The Xena 4 features cuff and calf zippers that make slipping into the suit a smoother experience. Once you’re in, zip everything up, and you’re good to go. Plus, the fabric at the collar and cuffs is super soft, adding a nice touch of comfort.

Q: How does this suit hold up in terms of protection?

A: It’s solid. The Xena 4 doesn’t skimp on safety. With Betac elbow, knee, and shoulder protectors, Seesmart hip protectors, and TPU sliders, you’re well-covered. Oh, and it’s got a AAA safety rating, which is pretty much top-tier in terms of protection.

Q: Can I use an airbag with this suit?

A: Absolutely! The Xena 4 is compatible with the Avertum Tech-Air airbag system and the Tech-Air airbag vest. Just remember, if you’re planning to add an airbag, you’ll need to size up to ensure everything fits perfectly.

Q: What about ventilation? Will I overheat in this thing?

A: Nope, you should stay pretty cool. The suit comes with ventilation on the back, lower arms, upper legs, and even the center front. Plus, there’s a wind catcher behind the front zipper for those extra breezy rides.

Q: Will I need to break the bank for this suit?

A: It’s an investment, for sure. In the US, the Xena 4 is priced at $1,099, and in Canada, it’s $1,399.99. Not exactly pocket change, but considering the design, protection, and comfort it offers, it’s worth considering if you’re serious about your riding gear.

Q: What if they’re out of stock?

A: The Xena 4 has been quite popular, so it’s possible you might hit an “Out of Stock” notice. But don’t lose hope! Check with your local Rev’It! dealer, as they might have it available or can help you order one.

Q: Are there color options?

A: You’ve got choices! The Xena 4 comes in either blue or black, so you can pick the hue that best fits your style.

Q: Is this suit only for racers?

A: Not at all. While it’s designed with racing-level protection and features in mind, the Xena 4 is perfect for any rider who values safety and comfort without compromising on style. Whether you’re hitting the track or cruising the open road, this suit is designed to support your riding adventures.


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