Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CFMoto continues to push out new motorcycles each year, an effort that is likely aided by the fact that the company has been able to secure some of the most advanced two-wheel technologies on the planet for application in its machines. 

Put another way, CFMoto uses components like engines developed by KTM that have powered 800 MT adventure tourer, 700 CL-X platform, and 1250 TR-G grand tourer.




For the last few years, CFMoto has had its sights set on the global motorcycle market. While many Chinese firms have attempted to enter the European and U.S. markets, they have yet to succeed. 

That is until CFMoto came along. One of China’s leading manufacturers, CFMoto, decided to step into the Moto3 World Championship with KTM machinery in 2022 while it still tested both road and racing bikes in China. 

Further, the company unveiled the SR-C21 concept in November 2021. In April 2022, CFMoto made sure they had developed a production model, the 450SR.

As per German media outlet Motorrad, CFMoto filed a patent application in June 2022 for this V4-powered superbike. The patent reveals the bike’s 150-kW (204-horsepower) engine will produce more than double the power of its current models.


A recent patent drawing (pictured above) reveals a new V4 engine configuration for CFMoto Motor Corp. The China-based manufacturer is looking to replace current V2 and V3 engine platforms with a 75-degree motor intended for use in an upcoming superbike. 


Rocker arms and a cooling system support the configuration with two water hoses traversing the cylinder banks.

However, on the flip side, we have seen Red Bull KTM MotoGP Team previously utilize a 75-degree V4 until the 2017 season. The KTM has stopped producing this engine as the engine is obsolete.

However, the question remains of how KTM agreed with CFMoto to have a V4-powered model.

CFMoto’s progress in the sportbike market will be intriguing to follow. It may take a while before its first V4-powered superbike is released, but we can’t wait to see what China has in store for the future.

Motorradonline and Visordown


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