It’s exciting to hear about Vagabund Moto’s latest limited-build series, the RxV Triumph Bobber. The custom shop, led by Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl, has gained a solid reputation for its one-off bike builds. It has also been expanding into bolt-on kits and limited runs of complete custom turnkey motorcycles as one-off automotive builds.

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With the RxV Triumph Bobber, Vagabund Moto has taken the Bonneville Bobber and heavily modified it to create a unique and striking custom. I am always interested to see how custom shops approach their builds, and with Vagabund Moto’s track record, the RxV Triumph Bobber will likely be a standout creation.



Let’s look at Vagabund Moto’s modifications to the Bonneville Bobber to create the RxV Triumph Bobber and what kind of performance and aesthetic enhancements the custom bike will feature.

The Vagabund Moto RxV Triumph Bobber series combines the expertise of Vagabund Moto and ClassicBike Raisch. ClassicBike Raisch is a German Triumph and BMW specialist founded by Rainer Schenk and is now run by his three sons. The RxV Triumph Bobber is a complete, ready-to-ride turnkey build with a modern spin on the vintage-inspired Bonneville Bobber from Triumph.

Using premium components like the Takasago Excel wheels and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires will undoubtedly provide excellent performance and grip. The custom Polyamid 12 side covers and integrated LED taillight also add functionality and safety to the build.


What does it get?

Along with the wheels and seat, the bike also features a new Polyamid12 headlight housing with a Highsider LED beam mounted on a custom laser-cut steel bracket. 

There’s also a black ceramic-coated Remus exhaust system and lowered handlebars, which all combine to give the bike a more modern, sleek look. The cockpit also has an aluminium fuel cap and a Motogadget Motoscope Tiny analogue gauge in a custom bracket.

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Bonnie Bobber has undergone several aesthetic and functional upgrades to make it a truly unique and customized motorcycle. The Raisch front fender and petal rotors likely enhance the bike’s performance and handling. The ShinYo stripe LED indicators and black anodized aluminium fork covers with integrated LED turn signals add to the bike’s modern and sleek look.



The Vagabund livery, which features a blacked-out, matte and gloss scheme with muted shop logos and yellow accents, is a signature touch that ties all these upgrades together. 

This custom paint job likely gives the Bonnie Bobber a distinctive appearance and helps it stand out on the road. Overall, these upgrades showcase the skill and creativity of the Vagabund team and demonstrate their commitment to creating truly unique motorcycles.

The ClassicBike Raisch x Vagabund Moto RxV Triumph Bobber comes at approximately $38,675, approx €35,000.


Source: Vagabund

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