Valentino Rossi

In the world of motorsports, Valentino Rossi’s name has long been synonymous with two-wheel dominance in the MotoGP arena. However, in recent years, the legendary Italian rider has ventured into the realm of four-wheel racing, and his performance at Zandvoort in the GT World Challenge Europe serves as a testament to his versatility and skill.

Rossi’s Transition to Four-Wheel Racing

Valentino Rossi’s transition from the high-speed world of MotoGP to the intricate and challenging realm of car racing is a remarkable feat in itself. The MotoGP icon has redefined versatility, demonstrating his passion for racing extends far beyond the handlebars of his legendary motorcycles. The Zandvoort event was just another chapter in Rossi’s incredible journey, which has seen him conquer new horizons and prove that champions are not confined to one discipline.

The Race Unfolds

As the race kicked off, it became evident that Rossi’s experience as a world-class racer would serve him well. With each lap, he skillfully manoeuvred his BMW, overtaking competitors and steadily making his way up the grid. By the time the race was at its midpoint, Rossi had surged to the ninth position, leaving fans and fellow racers astonished by his adaptability and raw talent.


24 Hours of Le Mans

This event saw Rossi clinch a podium finish alongside his Team WRT BMW teammate, Maxime Martin. In this thrilling race, Tresor Orange1’s #40 Audi secured victory, but not without its share of challenges from a formidable #69 Ferrari. Despite starting from a less favourable grid position, Rossi’s journey from the 15th to the ninth exemplified his determination. In this article, we delve into the details of Rossi’s remarkable race and its implications for his future in car racing.


Here’s a summary of the key points from the event

  • Valentino Rossi achieved a podium finish at Zandvoort in the GT World Challenge Europe on a Saturday.
  • The race was won by the Tresor Orange1’s #40 Audi, driven by Ricardo Feller and Mattia Drudi.
  • The #69 Ferrari, driven by Albert Costa and Thierry Vermeulen, finished in second place.
  • Rossi’s teammate, Maxime Martin, brought their Team WRT #46 BMW to third place.
  • Despite starting from the 15th position, Rossi quickly moved up to ninth during the 60-minute race.
  • The #40 Audi faced a challenge from the #69 Ferrari when a pitstop for the Audi went wrong, resulting in a loss of five seconds. This allowed the Ferrari to briefly take the lead.
  • Maxime Martin, who took over from Rossi, managed to secure the third position in the #46 BMW.
  • In the closing minutes of the race, a mistake by Ferrari driver Mattia Drudi allowed the #40 Audi to regain the lead, and it held onto it until the end.
  • The Tresor Orange1 crew now holds a 2.5-point lead in the Sprint Cup drivers’ championship ahead of Ferrari, with one more race scheduled for Sunday.
  • Valentino Rossi is expected to continue racing with Team WRT in the 2024 GT World Challenge Europe season, driving a BMW. His primary goal remains participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

It’s impressive to see Valentino Rossi’s transition from MotoGP to car racing and his continued success in the world of motorsports.


Valentino Rossi’s podium finish at Zandvoort in the GT World Challenge Europe not only showcases his adaptability as a motorsport legend but also underlines the competitive spirit that has defined his illustrious career. As he looks ahead to the 2024 GT World Challenge Europe season with Team WRT, it is clear that Rossi’s passion for racing knows no bounds.

His pursuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans remains a compelling goal, and fans worldwide eagerly anticipate his continued foray into car racing. The Zandvoort race serves as a chapter in Rossi’s evolving journey, a testament to his enduring commitment to the world of motorsports, and a reminder that legends, regardless of the vehicle they pilot, continue to inspire generations with their indomitable spirit on the track.


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