Ola S1 Pro Gen 2:

  • Price: Rs. 1,47,499 (ex-showroom, Bengaluru)
  • Paint schemes: Jet Black, Matt White, Stellar, Midnight Blue, and Amethyst
  • Mechanical and feature upgrades over Gen 1 model:
    • Flat floorboard
    • New tubular single-piece grab-rail
    • Conventional telescopic front forks
    • New swingarm and sheet metal chassis
    • More powerful motor (11kW peak power) and battery (4kWh)
    • Faster 0-40kmph time (2.6 seconds)


In a world increasingly focused on sustainable mobility, the Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 electric scooter emerges as a promising contender in the evolving landscape of electric two-wheelers. Ola Electric, a company known for its commitment to innovation and eco-conscious transportation solutions, has unveiled the Gen 2 model as a substantial upgrade to its Gen 1 predecessor.

With a host of mechanical and feature enhancements, the S1 Pro Gen 2 aims to set new standards for electric scooters in India. This article explores the key changes and highlights of this exciting release, offering insights into its design, performance, and pricing.


Here’s a summary of the key features and changes:

  • Design Updates: The Gen 2 model comes with a flat floorboard, providing more space at the front. The rear two-piece grab rail has been replaced with a single-piece tubular unit. Some design elements from the Gen 1 model have been retained.
  • Suspension and Chassis: Ola has replaced the front monoshock with conventional telescopic front forks and introduced a new swingarm. The chassis now uses sheet metal, indicating changes in the mechanical setup for improved performance and comfort.
  • Motor and Battery: The Gen 2 scooter features a more powerful 11kW (peak power) motor and a 4kWh battery, providing a claimed range of 180 kilometres and a top speed of 120 kilometres per hour. The improved acceleration is also noteworthy, with a faster 0-40kmph time.
  • Price: The Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 is priced at Rs. 1,47,499 (ex-showroom, Bengaluru), making it an attractive option in the electric scooter market.
  • Paint Schemes: It is available in five different paint schemes, giving buyers a variety of options to choose from.

Electric scooter

These updates demonstrate Ola Electric’s commitment to improving its electric scooter offerings and providing customers with a more compelling and competitive product in the market. The increased range, power, and design changes should make the S1 Pro Gen 2 an appealing choice for those looking for an electric scooter.


Ola Electric, the company behind the Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 electric scooter, stands to gain several benefits from this innovative product:

  • Market Leadership: By offering a technologically advanced and competitively priced electric scooter, Ola Electric can strengthen its position as a market leader in the electric two-wheeler segment in India.
  • Brand Reputation: The Gen 2 model showcases Ola Electric’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, enhancing its reputation as a forward-thinking and eco-conscious company.
  • Increased Sales: The improved design, enhanced performance, and increased range of the S1 Pro Gen 2 are likely to attract a broader customer base, leading to higher sales and market penetration.
  • Environmental Impact: By promoting electric mobility, Ola Electric contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, aligning with global sustainability goals.
  • Customer Loyalty: Delivering a more refined and powerful electric scooter can help foster customer loyalty as existing Ola Electric customers may choose to upgrade to the Gen 2 model, and new customers may be drawn to the brand.
  • Competitive Edge: The S1 Pro Gen 2’s features and pricing make it competitive against other electric scooters in the market, helping Ola Electric maintain its edge in the industry.
  • Government Incentives: Ola Electric may benefit from government incentives and subsidies for promoting electric mobility, further bolstering its market presence.
  • Long-Term Viability: As governments worldwide push for stricter emission norms and electric vehicle adoption, Ola Electric’s focus on electric scooters positions it well for long-term viability and growth.
  • Economic Growth: By manufacturing electric scooters in India, Ola Electric contributes to local economic growth, creating jobs and supporting the electric vehicle ecosystem.
  • Innovation Hub: Ola Electric’s commitment to research and development for electric mobility technologies positions it as an innovation hub, attracting talent and potential partnerships.

Pros of the Ola S1 Pro Gen 2:

  • Improved performance over Gen 1 model, with a more powerful motor and battery, and a faster 0-40kmph time.
  • New features, such as a flat floorboard, tubular single-piece grab-rail, and conventional telescopic front forks.
  • Competitive price.
  • Strong brand name (Ola Electric).

Cons of the Ola S1 Pro Gen 2:

  • Some users have reported issues with the Gen 1 model, such as software glitches and battery problems. It remains to be seen whether these issues have been resolved in the Gen 2 model.
  • The S1 Pro Gen 2 is still a relatively new product, so there is not a lot of long-term ownership data available.
  • The charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is still developing in India, so it may be challenging to find a charger in some areas.


As electric mobility gains momentum, the Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 electric scooter stands as a testament to the rapid evolution in this space. With design refinements that enhance practicality and aesthetics, mechanical upgrades that promise improved ride quality, and a more potent electric powertrain delivering enhanced performance and range, Ola Electric has delivered a compelling product in the form of the S1 Pro Gen 2.

Priced attractively and available in a range of appealing paint schemes, it addresses the growing demand for eco-friendly urban transportation. Ola Electric’s dedication to refining and expanding its product line signifies a promising future for sustainable commuting, and the S1 Pro Gen 2 is undoubtedly a noteworthy addition to this transformative journey.


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