Verge Motorcycles Appoints New CRO, George Blankenship

It’s clear that Verge Motorcycles is making strategic moves to strengthen its position in the electric mobility market, and the addition of experienced professionals like Mark Wilson, Alan Foster, Haydn Baker, and George Blankenship to its upper management team reflects its commitment to growth and global expansion.

Verge Motorcycles

Here are some key points from the information provided:

  1. Management Changes: Verge Motorcycles has undergone significant changes in its upper management team, with key hires announced in August, September, and October 2023. These changes are aimed at enhancing the company’s ability to expand globally and succeed in the electric mobility sector.
  2. George Blankenship’s Background: George Blankenship, the newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer, brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles at Apple and Tesla, where he was involved in developing customer interfaces and other projects. His experience is expected to be a valuable asset for Verge as it seeks to grow internationally.
  3. Comparisons to Apple and Tesla: George Blankenship has drawn parallels between Verge Motorcycles and Apple and Tesla during their growth stages. He sees the same potential for Verge to redefine its industry. This comparison suggests that Verge aims to be a disruptive force in the electric mobility market.
  4. Focus on Customer Experience: Verge recognizes the importance of the customer experience, even in the digital age. The company plans to open physical stores in major US and European cities to enhance customer trust and engagement. These stores are expected to be operational as early as the summer of 2024.
  5. Optimizing Store Locations: Marko Lehtimäki, the Chief Technology Officer of Verge Motorcycles, has expressed confidence in George Blankenship’s ability to strategically position the brand’s stores for maximum brand awareness and sales. Blankenship’s vision, industry networks, and experience are seen as assets in achieving this goal.


Verge Motorcycles is making significant organizational changes to pave the way for its global expansion and success in the electric mobility industry. The company has bolstered its upper management team with experienced professionals like Mark Wilson, Alan Foster, Haydn Baker, and George Blankenship. These changes reflect Verge’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and customer experience.

George Blankenship’s background in companies like Apple and Tesla, his comparisons of Verge to industry disruptors, and his focus on physical stores demonstrate the company’s determination to stand out in the market. Verge aims to create a strong physical presence in major US and European cities to build trust and brand loyalty.


With a holistic vision and a commitment to optimizing store locations for maximum impact, Verge Motorcycles is poised for growth and innovation, and George Blankenship’s expertise is expected to play a pivotal role in achieving these goals. The future looks promising for Verge as it strives to redefine the electric mobility industry.

Verge Motorcycles is positioning itself for aggressive growth and innovation in the electric mobility sector, with a strong focus on customer experience and physical store presence. George Blankenship’s track record in technology companies like Apple and Tesla is expected to play a crucial role in Verge’s expansion plans.

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