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Learning about Detroit’s rich motorcycling history and vibrant bike culture is fascinating. The city’s association with motorcycles goes beyond its well-known reputation for music, arts, and the auto industry. The Henderson brothers’ founding of Henderson, a famous and highly regarded Brass Age motorcycle brand, in Detroit in 1911 is a testament to the city’s historical significance in the motorcycle world.

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Additionally, the Detroit Motorcycle Manufacturing Company produced the Detroit Motorcycle, designed by Mr Breed of Bay City, MI, in the same year. Interestingly, you have seen one of these motorcycles, particularly one featured in an episode of the sitcom Detroiters.

Detroit has also been the birthplace of unique creations like the Bi-Autogo and has been home to notable motorcycle clubs such as the Highwaymen MC outlaw motorcycle club. Throughout the last century, the city has seen numerous talented riders and trend-setting customizers contributing to its motorcycle culture.


Randy “Detroit” Hayward stands out as one of these trendsetters and a favourite Detroit personality for you. Hayward embodies the spirit of Detroit’s motorcycle scene with his diverse background as a Harvard-educated teacher, school administrator, motorcycle builder, passionate historian, and family man. His collection of vintage American bikes, including Harley, Indian, and Henderson motorcycles, highlights his deep connection to motorcycling history.

The fact that he built the renowned Endian 4 motorcycle in his living room speaks to his dedication and skill. Motorcycling is a fundamental part of Hayward’s life, and his contributions extend beyond his endeavours. The Detroit Antique Motorcycle (D.A.M) Show, organized by Hayward, showcases his passion and commitment to preserving and celebrating antique motorcycles.

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Prism Motorcycle

The video featuring Hayward’s conversation with Jake from Prism Motorcycle Supply offers a glimpse into his life, vision, and motivations. It’s an opportunity to explore his home, witness his extensive collection, and engage in a laid-back discussion about motorcycles. This 12-minute video captures the essence of Hayward’s persona and is highly recommended for anyone interested in motorcycles and the Detroit motorcycle culture.

Thank you for sharing this intriguing insight into Detroit’s motorcycle history and the influential figures like Randy “Detroit” Hayward, who have contributed to its rich legacy.

Source: Prism Supply

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