Our German friends from Motorrad has spotted a new high displacement ADV from Triumph, which is Tiger 1200.

There are eight Tiger 1200 variants present in the UK, and they are 1200 XR,1200 XRx, the alpine 1200 edition, Xrt 1200, XRx 1200 low, XCx 1200, Desert edition and XCa.

There are no changes in these all eight models as they carry the same 1,215 cc, Liquid-cooled, 12 valves, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder motor, which makes 141PS / 139bhp (104kW) @ 9,350rpm and 122Nm @ 7,600rpm torque.


2021 Triumph Tiger 1200 spy shot from Motorrad

However, there are changes in aesthetics and accessories.

As per Motorrad, the new Tiger 1200 may arrive with low displacement and high power. And the new motor gets inspiration from the 1,160cc, inline-three cylinder engine of new  Speed Triple RS, which effectively makes 178bhp and 125Nm.

Almost 40 bhp more. However, the figures are yet to become practical, and unless we don’t see what Triumph puts into it, these figures will remain as rumours.

And we don’t see why Triumph will make a fast motor for the ADV. Triumph may add the horses to the new Tiger 1200; however, pushing 178hp in the ADV will be an aggressive move unless it is required.

The peculiar style of rear swingarm in the upcoming Tiger 1200

Coming back to the spy shots, they also reveal the new a swingarm has a peculiar shape.

Let’s compare the 2021 Tiger 1200 and the upcoming 2021 Tiger 1200

From the comparison, what do we see?

  • The style and structure remain the same for both the models.
  • If you take a closer look, the front fairing of the new 2021 Tiger 1200 is enlarged and looks a bit extended on the lower side.
  • On the new Tiger 1200, we expect to see the mechanical upgrades in the engine; however, we are unsure unless what Triumph has in there mind. However, from the spy shot we the position of the engine is slightly inclined towards left. So it may give us a clue what Triumph has in their mind.
  • The rear swingarm is what interests us as it is as peculiar shape compared to the ongoing model.
  • On the new Tiger 1200, do we see a change in the frame? Well, yes, we do see a difference in the frame.
  • The last change we see is the grab rails on the pillion seat are pulled towards the front to get better position for a pillion if they wish to grab the rail and come located below their seat rather than at there back.
  • The current Tiger 1200 has the Brembo 4-piston callipers on the front the and the Nissin 2-piston sliding calliper at the rear. Hopefully, the new arrival may get the Brembos at the rear too.
  • The present Tiger 1200 comes with the WP suspensions on both ends; however, Triumph may want to replace them with the Ohlins is something that we may see.

The current Triumph Tiger 1200 starts from 12,200 Pounds in the UK. The new may cost a bit more. When we see this new 2021 Triumph Tiger 1200, well Triumph may plan to launch it in the second half of 2021.

And then we may see it in India as well.


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