What’s new with the 2022 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE?

 What’s new with the 2022 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE?

As you probably guessed by the name, the Ninja H2 SX SE is an “enhanced” version of 2020’s Ninja H2 SX. 

The 2022 Ninja H2 SX SE doesnt drop the supercharged engine in favor of a 998cc four-cylinder producing 147.1 kW {200 PS} / 11,000 rpm and 137.3 NM {14 kgfm} / 8,500 rpm

Those are the same numbers compared to the earlier Ninja H2 SX’s version with 998cc inline-four cylinders putting out 147.1 kW {200 PS} / 11,000 rpm and 137.3 NM {14 kgfm} / 8,500 rpm.

However, what significant changes in the new 2022 Ninja H2 SX SE.


Further, the new Ninja H2 SX SE comes equipped with the Advanced Rider Assist System (ARAS). 

As the name suggests.The new radar-assisted features are integrated into the Ninja H2 SX SE’s Advanced Rider Assist System (ARAS).

The system includes three different levels of intervention, depending on rider mode. 

The ARAS also gets support from adaptive cruise control (ACC). Forward collision warning (FCW), and blind-spot detection (BSD) features. 

Adaptive cruise control, also called “semi-autonomous” or “semi-assisted” is a driver assist feature depending on the manufacturer.


The system automatically adjusts vehicle speed to maintain a preselected distance from a vehicle ahead of the motorcycle.

Apart from the Advanced Rider Assist System, the new H2 SX SE arrives with 

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System: TPMS continuously monitors tyre air pressure while riding.Adding rider reassurance on long tours.
  • Vehicle Hold Assist: Activated when the rider has stopped. And firmly applies the brake(s).VHA engages the rear brake to allow the rider to relax their brake hand/foot.
  • KIPASS : (Kawasaki’s Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System) master key system allows remote activation of the bike’s main switch and steering lock.
  • And a large, easy-to-read 6.5″ full-colour TFT instrumentation adds a high-tech touch to the cockpit. Complementing the multiple display modes. And smartphone connectivity.Compatibility with Kawasaki SPIN offers numerous infotainment possibilities.
  • KECS, Kawasaki’s semi-active electronic suspension system, adapts to road and riding conditions in real-time, providing the ideal amount of damping called for. Updated software incorporates Skyhook technology to deliver an even more composed ride, increasing comfort and enjoyment.

Going further, the Ninja H2 SX SE gets a revised exhaust system. Tweaked cam timing for improved low-mid range power delivery and torque.

A new second gear ratio with a higher mesh point, a slipper-assist clutch, and a revised clutch fluid volume aimed at helping riders find neutral easier. 

The new 2022 Ninja H2 SX SE is available in Emerald Blazed Green/Metallic Diablo Black/Metallic Graphite Gray shades and is priced at $27,500.


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