Aprilia unveils limited edition RS 660 In Red, White, And Blue

 Aprilia unveils limited edition RS 660 In Red, White, And Blue

 If you’ve been following us for a while.Or if you’re already well-versed in the world of motorcycle racing. You know Aprilia is one of the most accomplished brands in motorsports. 

In both World Supersport and MotoAmerica Twins Cup, Aprilia conquered all comers in the 600cc class. Winning 10 out of 13 races overall between both championships.

While winning championships and taking home silverware is sure to make anyone proud.It doesn’t hurt to celebrate every once in a while. 

Featuring a bold, red, white, and blue stars and stripes colour scheme.Aprilia’s new RS 660 Limited Edition speaks to the company’s passion for racing.


Aprilia is making only 1500 of these limited-edition RS 660s.Which likely explains why they could be sold out as we write. Each bike bears a special tank badge that shows which production number each unit is along the line.

If you’re looking for a torquey middleweight sportbike with an Italian pedigree, then the RS 660 is for you.


Aprilia has put a single seat cowl that gives an impression of a complete sports bike. For better styling and wind protection Aprilia has added an extended windscreen.

Sitting atop Aprilia’s RS line of sports motorcycles. The RS-line bikes make no bones about their intentions to be aggressive performance thoroughbreds. 

And while Aprilia doesn’t get enough credit for their efforts in this area (no matter what you think of their more pedestrian bikes).They do seem to generally get high marks for the boldness of design and attention to the user.


Aprilia has also added the software upgrade, and it allows you to the quickshifter to be converted from standard to inverted configuration as per your requirement. It also has the oversized tank fairing.

However, Aprilia has still kept the pricing of the new limited-edition RS 660 under the wraps.

Aprilia already has a beautiful and extremely fun Sportster motorcycle with the RSV4. But if you’re looking for something a bit smaller and more efficient, you’re in luck. 


Instead of riding your RSV4 to work, why not just take its little brother, the Aprilia RS 660, to work? 

It’s enjoyable, nimble enough that you can enjoy it on winding roads all day long. And it’s small enough to get it parked in your apartment parking lot!

via Piaggio

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