A Decade of Dreams: Honda unveils 2022 CBR1000RR-R Supersport Bike

 A Decade of Dreams: Honda unveils 2022 CBR1000RR-R Supersport Bike

Honda’s long-range planning approach suited the particular philosophy of a superbike. And they wished to create a motorcycle that would challenge people’s preconceptions. Both inside and outside the company, about what a sports bike should be. 

It emphasised making a very lightweight machine capable of high performance while concomitantly retaining an air of simplicity rarely seen in machines from Japan. 

With a target weight of 210 kg (440 lb), Honda engineers entered uncharted territory. While at the same time developing numerous new technologies for mass production. 

The final product was indeed successful; at 205 kg (453 lb) wet weight, the CBR900RR was lighter than its competitors.

In 1992 Honda released the first generation CBR900RR. Which not only raised the engine displacement from 750 cc to 893 cc but also increased top speed as well as improved acceleration.

However, the 893 cc (4.134 L) CBR900RR was not only light for its displacement. But it also provided high performance in spite of its engine’s greater bulk compared to other 900 cc sportbikes. 


Hyper VTEC

Later on January 18, 1999, Honda came with the HYPER VTEC (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control System) valve control system.

Designed for 4-stroke motorcycle engines.The new system combines environment-friendliness and increased output at all engine speeds.

The big-bore/short-stroke engineering principle is similar to supercar engines. And featured Honda’s VTEC (Variable valve timing and lift Electronic Control) variable valve timing technology. 

VTEC offered two additional camshaft profiles, one providing increased performance for high-rpm operation while another is providing lower engine speed torque. It allowed for both high-rpm power delivery and acceleration.

This system also provides the following advanced features;

  • Increasing output at all engine speeds
  • 6.6% improvement in fuel efficiency
  • (from 34.7km/l to 37.0km/l at a constant 60km/h test on flat ground: Honda internal testing data)

However, it is differernt thing Honda has still not offered the VTEC on its new generation of CBR1000RRR.

The CBR1000RR replaced the CBR900RR in 2004. While the current 2022 is the 15th generation CB1000RR-R, with Honda bringing certain upgrades in the model almost in the gap of two years.

However, on its 30th anniversary, Honda brings its much anticipated 2022 Fireblade, aka CBR1000RR-R SP special edition, and it has features like.



While the performance specs remain, we see more changes from the aesthetic perspective.

  • Racing Lines:Sharp graphics that reflect the very first FIREBLADE – along with the legendary HRC logo – make the bike look fast even when it’s parked.
  • Badge of honour:A specially designed logo commemorate 30 great years of outstanding performance on the track and the road.
  • The personal touch:The intelligent key fob ignites the fire, adding an exceptional touch with the latest CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE and 30th Anniversary logos.
  • Ignition on:When it’s time to go, the 30th anniversary CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE comes to life with a “Ring of Fire” as the needle sweeps from left to right on the instrument panel.
  • One of a kind:A limited number of these special FIREBLADEs are issued with their very own individual serial number etched into the fork top yolk.
  • Loud and clear:Just to reaffirm its status as one of the finest motorcycles around, they have added another neat touch with a specially engraved Akropovic muffler.

The new CBR1000RR- SP arrives in a single white/red/blue colour shade.

via Honda

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