Why Yamaha Ténéré 700 owners should look into factory accessories?

 Why Yamaha Ténéré 700 owners should look into factory accessories?

Given a choice, riders wouldn’t choose a death trap as their trusted touring machine. 

Fortunately, motorcycle manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year trying to make your ride as enjoyable as possible without detracting from the general safety of the machine. 

In that vein, motorcycle accessories have been evolving over the years to provide those added features that those who ride often need.

But what about a bike designed for a disciplined touring experience? The original Ténéré ventured out into uncharted territory. 

So I guess you could say Yamaha has always been fighting an uphill battle.But never the less – fighting it they have, and fighting it they still are. 

They’ve introduced a range of updates with the latest iteration of their legendary trail bike.Ones that unequivocally try to bring the change.


Tenere 700

There are fewer premium aftermarket accessories for the Ténéré 700.And one of these premium brands is Yamaha’s accessory line. 

Yamaha’s line offers all sorts of products that are sure to enhance your riding experience on the bike. 

Below are just some of the accessories that Yamaha has offered alongside the Tenere 700.

The endless, flat terrain in the desert is a lot more comforting in a bike that’s equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS. 

Suppose you’d like to spice up your off-road experience with an army of technological add-ons. Yamaha’s got the perfect accessory for you. 


The Yamaha Ténéré 700 is a modern, reliable bike, but it does lack in aesthetic appeal when compared to its lauded big brothers in the Ténéré range. 

A familiar custom upgrade motorcycle owners involve decking out their bikes with aftermarket accessories.

 It’s something that makes a great deal of sense to many people. As motorcycle customization tends to boost resell value and ensures that your ride.

The Tenere 700 arrives with 20 accessories. Some accessories are like a full pannier rack, which is for $427.99. 

Other top cases come from $419.99 to $499. Yamaha also provides a lower saddle for Tenere 700 arrives at $129.99.

Further, the accessories also have the LED auxiliary light kit or brackets.

And all these accessories are available on Yamaha’s official e-commerce website here.

via Yamaha

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