Why you would want to install this 4 Uscite exhaust for your Ducati V4?

 Why you would want to install this 4 Uscite exhaust for your Ducati V4?

Ducati is back with a second-generation Panigale V4 and comes armed with four models: the base Panigale V4, the more track-focused Panigale V4 S. The street-fighter influenced Panigale V4 Speciale or SP, and the track-focused special edition Panigale V4 S Anniversario. 

While Ducati hasn’t ratified a 2019 World Superbike Championship (WSBK) effort, we know that they’re hard at work developing the Panigale V4 R.

On paper, the Panigale V4 is a stunner. Ducati claims a peak output of 214 horsepower at 13,000 rpm and a torque of 12.6 Kgm at 10,000 rpm. 


These are figures that easily surpass rival models from KTM and BMW Motorrad.

The Panigale V4 isn’t just the most potent Ducati superbike ever. It’s also one of the most advanced with its Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). And extensive ride-by-wire technology that would make any motorcycle manufacturer jealous.

However, the recent emission norms doesnt allow the V4 to be more open in terms of sound. But then this void is filled by Ducati’s long term exhaust partner Termignoni who has unveiled the new exhaust 4 Uscite.


About the exhaust

The 4 Uscite system is Termignoni’s best-sounding exhaust for the Panigale V4. Offering a distinct but classy sound, it has a carbon end cap. And sleeve for a clean look and a whole sleeve made from titanium to provide resistance to high temperatures that could affect steel.

Quality. Style. Sound. Performance. These traits are present in the Termignoni Panigale V4 Uscite Exhaust System, designed with every rider in mind. 


The 4 Uscite is available in both titanium and stainless steel.Each having a unique sound, fit, and finish that compliments the Italian heritage of Ducati’s latest superbike.

The exhaust system comes split into two parts.The precision-cast head connections designed to offer the best fluid-dynamic performance and blend with the soft and harmonious curves of the pipe layout.

 A full titanium version will also be available, and the base version with stainless steel pipes and titanium tips.

The strict carbon’s right and left half fairings are equipped with extraction and intake vents and blend with the bike’s unique lines. 



The right-hand part integrates the two lower exits that stand out due to the muscular titanium flange that assimilates them. The left-hand part mirrors the lines of the fairing and includes the opening for the standard lateral stand.

All the heat shields created carbon fibre integrated with a heat-reflective material for excellent protection at high temperatures.


The under-tail silencer comes attached to the rear frame with a billet Ergal support. And comes characterised by its titanium sleeve and carbon end cap, created to blend perfectly with the design of the V4 tail.

To further improve performance.The package also includes a Sprint Filter Air Filter P08.A long-time leading accessory in the sector.

Lastly, the kit will also include the exclusive UpMap T800 device. Containing the available mappings to best calibrate the Panigale V4 control unit in combination with the D182 system.


The new Pani V4 exhaust retails around €4,740 ($5,566 ).

via Termignoni

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