After Multi 950, Ducati now has unveiled the new Multistrada V4 in India. In International markets, Ducati had unleashed its most wonderful innovation by having the V4 now in Multistrada.

Before the launch of the engine, we unveiled secrets of V4 engine on October 4, and we did say there is a rise in displacement.



Which does mean the 1,103cc displacement engine of Streetfighter V4 and Panigale V4 will come replaced by large 1,158cc displacement engine in Multistrada V4. ( All about the new engine here ).


Moving further.

Design and ergonomics

It has new double-sided swingarm, new rear subframe, the new MotoGP-derived monocoque frame allows for significant weight reduction and adds high rigidity and stability at high speeds.

The dimensions of wheelbase are 1,567mm and suspension with the travel of 170mm and 180mm for the front and rear wheel, respectively.

The fuel tank comes with the generous capacity of 22 litres, and the entire package weighs 215 kgs. Further, the steering angle is 24.5 degrees. The new Multistrada V4 with a ground clearance of 220mm.

Brembo unit for both the rear and front wheels. With 265mm disc Brembo 2 piston floating calliper at the back. And two semi-floating discs 320 mm Brembo monobloc radial callipers on the opposite end.

On both wheels, the Ducati brings the Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tires with the dimensions 120/70 ZR 19 at the front and 170/60 ZR17 at the rear.

For long hauls and confident riding position, the rider can adjust saddle height in two parts 840mm – 860mm.

Powerful electronic package

The ABS is a Bosch 10.3ME cornering which developed for multiple engine maps; now you can deactivate the ABS in enduro riding mode. Plus the rear wheel gets the anti-lift mechanism.

The five-inch TFT dash displays multiple vital parameters, and few of them are engine temperature, environment temperature, fuel level plus electronic controls.

The standard electronic package has 8 level wheelie control, four riding modes ( touring, sport, urban and enduro), power mode, Ducati 8 level traction control, headlight involves the DRL system (inspired by Ducati Panigale V4) and Bosch IMU.

Ducati Multimedia System ( DMS) helps you to listen to music and helps answer your calls.

Radar technology

Now comes the cool part of Radar technology which permits the Blind spot detection and Adaptive cruise control. We understand Multistrada V4 is the first production motorcycle to get these goodies.

While riding at the speed from 30 and 160 km/h, the radar placed at the front helps detect the vehicles and automatically adjusts the distance. 

The rear radar helps detect the blind spots for the areas which the rider is not able to see.

The BSD mechanism indicates the entire circumstances via the LEDs placed on the rearview mirrors, which in turn lights up the one seated on the side, where the presence of vehicles is noticed.

Further, the BSD also indicates if there are any vehicle coming at enormous speed.

If you are looking forward to changing the lens in both these circumstances, the BSD flashes the LED suggesting it is a dire circumstance.

At the three different levels, the rider can adjust the brightness of the LEDs.

The rider can adjust the aerodynamic appendages near the engine to change the flow.

Three different flavours

  • Standard Multistrada V4
  • V4S and
  • S Sport


Not only gets multiple colours and rims. 

Like the 

  • Ducati Red with glossy black rims with red
  • Aviator Gray tag with polished black rims with a red tag.
  • Both colours are available with spoked or alloy wheels.

But also gets more functions like the Ducati skyhook suspension with auto-level function helps to understand how much weight is present on the bike and gets the trim adjusted automatically.


6.5-inch dash compared to standard is 1.5 inches larger, to view the navigation map the phone mirroring function to is available. Vehicle hold control allows the bike to be stationary for 9 seconds by activating the rear brake. Moreover, it also comes with Cruise control, Ducati quick shift.

Akrapovič approved silencer in titanium and carbon and front mudguard in carbon fibre.

In addition to the new factory-fitted trim levels, Ducati offers traditional customization opportunities through a set of aftermarket accessory packages

  • Enduro: Radiator guards, Side trellis protection, Skid plate, Additional LED lights( Available for all models).
  • Urban: Top case, Fuel tank bag, USB cable (Available for all models).
  • Touring: Side bags, central stand, heated grips (Available for all models).
  • Performance: Akrapovič approved silencer in titanium and carbon, Front mudguard in carbon fibre (Available for V4 and V4 S).

S Sport

Again comes in multiple colours 

  • Sport livery with glossy black rims with a red tag.
  • Available in the version with alloy wheels or spoked wheels.
  • Akrapovič approved silencer in titanium and carbon, Front mudguard in carbon fibre.


In Europe Ducati Multistrada V4 2021 is priced at standard comes priced at € 18,990, the V4S has € 21,990 and V4S Sport at € 23,790. 

  • The standard red Multistrada V4 starts from Rs 1,899,000 ( $25,500).
  • The Multistrada V4 Aviator Grey with built-in quick-shifter arrives at Rs 2,310,000 ($31,020).
  • The premium variant Multistrada V4 S Sport arrives at Rs 2,330,000 ($31,289).

via Ducati


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