Ducati, tomorrow on October 15th, will unveil its much-awaited Multistrada V4 a step ahead compared to the other Multi’s in Ducati stable.

It is easy to understand why it is a step ahead as it comes stacked with V4 architecture and hence the name Multistrada V4.

Spied multiple times in March and July 2020 and once getting caught in the woods. Ducati has recently started its production.


Caught in the woods

The Multistrada V4 presentation will happen in two phases.

  • On October 15th we will get to know the specs about the bike.
  • And on November 4th Ducati will present the actual bike.

Why V4?

However, we would like to unveil little secrets of the Ducati Multistrada v4 2021. We get to know there is a rise in the displacement.

Which does mean the 1,103cc displacement engine of Streetfighter V4 and Panigale V4 will come replaced by large 1,158cc displacement engine in Multistrada V4.

Now again, there is a direct impact on the torque and power, which is sure to rise. Again this will be precisely to increase the torque and high and mid-range.

As per the Euro 4 norms, the power figures go they are 210 hp at 13,000 rpm and torque of 120 Nm from 8,500 to 12,500 rpm.

To deliver the top performance the 90 degrees V architecture helps to create the balance between the forces. Now, this doesn’t allow the countershaft to restore.

What does it mean? Well, lets put in a simple way it will decrease the power which is absorbed and the weight.

Art again lies in the four oval throttles and each throttle measures 52mm in diameter which are attached to intake ducts.

As you can see in the above picture there are two injectors to improve the load conditions the position of one injector is located under the throttle and one is located above.

With the help of an electric motor, the ride by wire moves the throttles.

To reduce the weight components of the engine like the engine, oil pan, alternator covers are made up of magnesium.

However, usage of front and rear end radar technology on the Multistrada V4 is not a secret anymore.

To adapt itself as per the traffic conditions the Multistrada V4 will come with adaptive cruise control.

We are excited to know more. However, we may have to wait until tomorrow to understand more.

Desmosedici Stradale – Variable Intake System (VIS)

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