It’s certainly exciting to hear about the potential for the Andretti-Cadillac F1 team to enter Formula 1 in the 2026 season, and it’s interesting to hear General Motors is evaluating an F1 engine program that could power the team’s car.

GM’s F1 engine program

If General Motors decides to pursue an F1 engine program, it could bring a significant technical presence to the sport, which fans and industry insiders would welcome. However, designing and building an F1 engine is a complex and challenging undertaking, and it would require a significant investment of time, resources, and expertise.

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Andretti-Cadillac team is taking a different approach than Ford, which has partnered with an existing F1 team rather than building its own from scratch. It remains to be seen which approach will be more successful in the long run, but it’s clear that the Andretti-Cadillac team aims to impact F1 right from the start significantly.



General Motors plans to enter the Andretti-Cadillac team in the sport in 2026. Still, due to the engine manufacturers already being declared for that year, they will initially run a customer engine. This means they will not have their engine until at least 2027.

It is difficult for a manufacturer to claim that an engine is built 100% in-house and that they typically have technical partners to work with. 

However, Warren, presumably a representative of General Motors, believes that the company has substantial capabilities to do so. Whether they will choose to develop their engine and what elements they will incorporate into it are yet to be determined.

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2026 F1 Season

In 2026 we will see new players like Audi and Ford in the F1 season. At the same time, Ford has a collaboration with Red Bull. Audi will take over the Romeo Sauber F1 team’s operations and take part as an engine manufacturer.

It is good to see new teams and manufacturers expressing interest in F1, and I’m sure fans will be eagerly following the progress of the Andretti-Cadillac team as it prepares for its potential entry into the sport.

Source: Motorsports

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