Kawasaki- 2022-Z900 RS-6

Kawasaki’s well-executed retro Z900 RS Café brought a new wave of interest from the media and customers alike. Kawasaki’s W800. Despite its retro look, has always been a modern motorcycle.

It combines essential and customer-demanded features like ABS.Traction control, ride-by-wire and switchable power modes with crucial aspects such as low weight and overall a low centre of gravity.

The platforms mentioned above prove that the manufacturer knows how to deliver retro success.


And it would also deliver the much-desired lower capacity boxer-twin motorcycle for those who still want to be able to ride a litre bike in traffic without being taxed to death by their fellow road users.

Across the last few years, Kawasaki has been on a bit of a retro kick. The company’s Z900 RS is a near-perfect blend of old and new. It even receives a glowing review from us.

So we imagine many people will be biting their nails waiting for the Japanese manufacturer to throw another retro dirtbike into the lineup, most likely as a 2021 or 2022 model.

The teaser

Like the Z900 RS and Z900 RS Café. A new Z650 RS would draw close attention to established norms in the middleweight naked market.

It’s also unclear whether Kawasaki will go frame-up or continue with its tried and trusted methods of engine conversion.

The modern Z650 RS could be a success over the years. It could become a highly-valued bike into which Kawasaki may pour poured loads of design, engine management and marketing effort.

Yet, we have to ask how well the motorcycle will be exploited by Kawasaki globally. We understand it will be a hugely appealing model in markets like Europe and Japan.

Add to that. You’ll realise what an exciting opportunity the Z650 RS is for any company entering into such an adventure.

Kawasaki has been teasing the retro-styled motorcycle , however there no further details.

As for the new Z650 RS, there’s no indication of what it will look like, so it could be an entirely different machine altogether.

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