Yamaha has indeed patented the RZ250 and RZ350 names, but the company has not made any official announcements regarding the revival of these models. 

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In any case, while the RZ250 and RZ350 were popular models in the past, the motorcycle market has evolved significantly since their production. The market demands bikes that meet emission regulations, safety standards, and technology expectations. 



RZ Name

Therefore, any new model using the RZ name will likely have to incorporate these features while paying homage to the original models.

As mentioned, strict emissions regulations may make it difficult for Yamaha to return the two-stroke models in their original form. 

However, Yamaha has successfully introduced modern bikes with retro styling cues, such as the XSR line so that they may use the RZ name for a similar model.

It is also possible that Yamaha is simply protecting the RZ name from being used by other manufacturers. In any case, it will be interesting to see what Yamaha decides to do with the RZ name in the future.

Different Options

Yamaha may be considering different options for the RZ name, including a new model that combines retro styling with modern technology or a completely new bike that uses the RZ name for branding purposes.

It is common for motorcycle manufacturers to trademark or patent names to protect their intellectual property, and it is also possible they may choose to use the name for a new model in the future. Only time will tell what Yamaha has in store for the RZ250 and RZ350 names.

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Overall, it is exciting Yamaha is still investing in protecting and potentially using the RZ name. It shows their commitment to preserving their brand heritage while adapting to modern market demands.

Regardless, Yamaha’s history and reputation in the motorcycle industry suggest that future use of the RZ name will likely generate interest and anticipation among riders and enthusiasts.

Source: Imotorbike



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