Xiaomi, primarily known for its smartphones and smart devices, is making a significant leap into the electric vehicle (EV) market, a segment that has seen rapid growth and interest globally. 

Key Takeaways

1. Relevance of Xiaomi’s Entry: Xiaomi is one of China’s largest technology conglomerates. The company’s entry into the EV market showcases its strategic alignment with the shifting technological paradigm and the increasing demand for sustainable transportation.

 Xiaomi’s First EV May Be Called The Modena, Could Premiere Later This Year


2. Rapid Development: The speed at which Xiaomi has approached this project is noteworthy. From the announcement of their plans to develop an EV to the leaked images and finally to the prototype production, the pace is a testament to Xiaomi’s intent and capability.

3. Naming & Codenaming: The EV’s codename is MS11, but it seems to be colloquially referred to as the Xiaomi Modena by the local media.


4. Production & Approval: Xiaomi has already initiated trial production, with approximately 50 prototypes being developed weekly. A critical milestone for Xiaomi would be getting approval from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), post which it can commence sales.

 Xiaomi’s First EV May Be Called The Modena, Could Premiere Later This Year

5. Market Position & Price: With a tentative pricing of around 200,000 yuan ($27,400), Modena aims to compete with other popular EVs in the market, such as the Tesla Model 3 and the BYD Seal. This pricing strategy suggests that Xiaomi is targeting a broad consumer base, aiming to make its vehicle affordable for many.


6. Design & Features: From the details available, the Modena boasts a contemporary design, with features such as large LED headlights, flush door handles, a roof-mounted LiDAR, and a panoramic glass roof. These attributes put it in direct competition with some of the well-established EVs in terms of aesthetics and features.

 Xiaomi’s First EV May Be Called The Modena, Could Premiere Later This Year

7. Technical Specifications: The underlying technology includes a 101 kWh ternary battery and an 800-volt electrical architecture. Although the exact power metrics remain undisclosed, the potential range of up to 800 km (497 miles) on a single charge is impressive and could be a significant selling point for the Modena.


In summary, Xiaomi’s EV, potentially named the Modena, promises to be a robust contender in the burgeoning electric car market. Given Xiaomi’s reputation in technology and innovation, it would be interesting to see how it manages to differentiate itself in the automotive world and how consumers react to this new offering.


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