Yamaha and Abarth collaborates to create XSR900 Abarth – a lightweight superior retro extraordinary whose bona fide bistro racer configuration mirrors  arethe genuine soul of the 1960s.


Engine : In line 3 cylinder powered with 850 cc liquid cool engine.CP3 cross plane allows for a better fuel economy, good acceleration and offers linear torque a low revs making it a better handler.


Fuel Tank : XSR900 gets 14 litre fuel tank  with aluminium covers with nimbus grey paint scheme and speed block graphics.All in all if you need to change it the paint scheme could be easily removed.

Traction Control : It gets three levels of traction control to get more control on the bike.

Assist and Slipper Clutch : For more stability the XSR900 comes with Assist and Slipper Clutch which you will be able to see in high performance race bikes and controls chassis improving its performance.

Akrapovic Exhaust: XSR900 Abarth is equipped with a 3-into-1 designed system with titanium headers and double titanium slip on mufflers and has low weight, this exclusive system sounds excellent and enhances performance.

Suede Seat : It gets a solo seat covered with Suede leather giving rider a good support and this cover goes upto the tank looking it more attractive.

Light weight tail assembly : One of the best features of this bike it comes with a round tail light which is housed in the carbon solo seat cowl enhancing the cafe racer style.It also gets light weight front front cowl and solo seat cowl which is made up of carbon fibre.

Clip – Ons : It gets a sports clip ons giving rider a better position and keeps the rider out the main air flow.It also provides rider better control.

Front Section : Front cowl is made up of carbon fibre, round classic headlight with mirrors on each side slightly coming out making it a look like a typical cafe racer.

The lightweight carbon bodywork and swallow handlebars with a performance give a better riding position – and with its high-torque 850cc 3-chamber motor and full Akrapovic? debilitate, this premium bistro racer mixes ultra cool style with games execution.

Only 695 copies will be made and each copy will get specially made aluminum plaque for its authenticity.This plaque will display unique no.

Source : Yamaha

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