Yamaha files trademark by name XSR GP in Europe

Yamaha files trademark by name XSR GP in Europe

The XSR900 is no stranger to setting the two-wheeled scene ablaze. A thorough refresh has been in the works, and now, it seems that it’s time. 


In a trademark filing submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) this week, Yamaha applied for the rights to use the “XSR GP” name for motorcycles.

While this could be for anything like a new sportbike, it’s most likely for a new model coming shortly. Not much else is known about the upcoming model other than what will be its name.

Several possibilities and interpretations of this trademark arise without any technical details concerning the new model.

The news comes at a time after Yamaha unveiled the all-updated XSR900. The new retro street bike is naked and not faired by default, save for optional accessories, unlike its predecessor. 

What will it be like?

But, looking to build on a recently matured trend, could a fully– or partially-faired version of the bike be possible?

We could also see something like Honda Hawk 11. It could mark a new project, possibly centred around a lighter/sportier model positioned above the XSR700 lifestyle-oriented naked bike. 

In contrast, on the other hand, it could also involve a racing version of the roadster mentioned above.

While Yamaha has not shared any further details on the XSR GP just yet, the company seems confident that the latest addition to its range of sportbikes will make a positive impression.

GP Moniker

While the news may come off as surprising, it does appear that the GP moniker arrives for genuine use. 

This new model will likely slot in above conventional FZ and MT-07 derivatives and triple-cylinder models such as the FJ-09 and XSR900.

The European Trademark database does not provide any additional details concerning this filing, so we should also note that this is far from the first time that a brand has repurposed the GP moniker to designate a new trim.

via Yamaha and Cycle World

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