Yamaha to launch more affordable 2022 R15 S soon

Yamaha to launch more affordable 2022 R15 S soon

Yamaha has always tried to impress the audiences with its sporty-styling, advanced features and latest technology. 

This time too, Yamaha is set to launch the R15 S in the market. Aiming to provide lower cost than the regular version unveiled a few days ago.

 Ever since its launch in the Yamaha YZF-R15 V4 has been a trailblazer in the segment. 

The bike has received rave reviews for its premium design and performance, coupled with comfort and practicality. 

Keeping the same DNA as the previous iteration, the facelifted version has only seen improvement across all departments to make this one of the best motorcycles you can buy today.

The R15 is a very popular motorcycle amongst beginners.And many of them complain about the cost of purchasing the bike. (The fact that you can afford to buy one means you’re not a beginner anymore).

Low cost version

So, to solve this problem, Yamaha introduced the R15 V4 with some good upgrades changes Rs 1.77 lakh. 

And now, we expect the R15 S to arrive even at a lower price compared to that the current V4, that is. Enabling potential buyers to choose between it and its closest competitors without spending too much money.

The R15 S could be offered with the same 155cc, liquid-cooled single overhead camshaft fuel injection engine calibrated to a maximum horsepower of 13.5kW(18.4PS)/10000r/min and maximum torque of 14.2N.m (1.4kgf.m) / 7500r/min.  

The engine is paired to a five-speed gearbox. Meanwhile, we won’t see the USD forks, quick-shifter, and traction control. It remains to be seen what other modifications Yamaha will make to the standard R15.

Now it does mean the motorcycle doesn’t come with any mechanical changes under the skin. And will have the same design and aesthetics.

The R15 V4 is priced close to Rs 1.70, and we may see the new R15 S on the lower side. It will be a reasonable price considering that the market segment is highly competitive and crowded, with many players offering similar products.


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