Zard at EICMA 2023 A Fusion of Environmental Responsibility and New Cutting-Edge Technology


Officine Italiane Zard, a renowned name in the motorcycle exhaust system industry, is set to make a significant impact at EICMA 2023. Known for their commitment to merging performance with unmatched quality and aesthetics, Zard’s latest range of exhaust systems is a testament to their expertise and innovation.

Top Key Points

  • Zard will be showcasing a number of new and innovative exhaust systems at EICMA 2023.
  • The Mako silencer for the Ducati Diavel V4 is a world market exclusive and is available in both Euro5 homologated and racing versions.
  • The full exhaust system for the Triumph Street Triple is also available in Euro5 homologated and racing versions and is made from high-quality materials.
  • Zard’s limited edition exhaust system for the Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide is designed to enhance the sound of the bike and give it a more unique look.
  • Zard’s new titanium silencer for the Ducati Scrambler 800 is designed to give the bike a more sleek and aggressive look, while also improving its sound.

EICMA 2023

As visitors flock to their booth (M40, located in Hall 15P), they will encounter an array of exhaust systems that not only enhance the performance of various motorcycle models but also adhere to the highest standards of design and environmental compliance.


Exhaust Systems

It sounds like Officine Italiane Zard is showcasing some impressive exhaust systems at EICMA 2023, each tailored to specific motorcycle models and emphasizing performance, quality, and design. Let’s delve into each of these products:

  • “Mako” Silencer for Ducati Diavel V4: This new silencer is a standout feature for the Ducati Diavel V4. It’s available in both a Euro5 homologated version, ensuring compliance with stringent emissions standards, and a racing version, likely offering enhanced performance characteristics. Its exclusivity in the world market is a significant draw.
  • Full Exhaust System for Triumph Street Triple: Zard offers an innovative exhaust system for the Triumph Street Triple, available in both Euro5 homologated and racing variants. This suggests that they have focused on both environmental compliance and performance enhancement.
  • Exhaust System for Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide: This system for the CVO Road Glide is particularly notable for being a limited edition. It’s designed to enhance the bike’s sound with the “Zard Deep Sound” signature, which likely offers a unique auditory experience that complements the bike’s performance.
  • Titanium Silencer for Ducati Scrambler 800: This silencer, made of titanium and complemented by a carbon fibre heat shield, seems to focus on aesthetics as much as performance. It promises to give the Ducati Scrambler 800 sleeker lines while maintaining the distinctive Zard sound.

Each of these products seems to embody Zard’s commitment to blending performance, quality, and design in their exhaust systems, catering to various preferences and needs of motorcycle enthusiasts. The presence of both Euro5 homologated and racing versions of these systems highlights their versatility and adaptability to different market demands and regulatory environments.


Key Analysis

Analyzing the key aspects of Officine Italiane Zard’s offerings at EICMA 2023 provides insights into their strategic approach in the motorcycle exhaust system market:

  • Product Differentiation: Zard’s range of exhaust systems for various high-profile motorcycle models like the Ducati Diavel V4, Triumph Street Triple, Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide, and Ducati Scrambler 800 demonstrates a strategic focus on product differentiation. Each product is tailored to enhance the specific characteristics of these models, ensuring a bespoke fit and performance enhancement.
  • Compliance with Emissions Standards: The availability of Euro5 homologated versions of their exhaust systems signifies Zard’s commitment to environmental responsibility. By adhering to these stringent emissions standards, Zard aligns with global regulatory trends and appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Focus on Performance and Aesthetics: Zard’s emphasis on “uncompromising aesthetics” along with performance indicates a dual focus. They cater not only to riders looking for performance enhancement but also to those who value the visual and auditory appeal of their motorcycles. This dual focus could broaden their market appeal.
  • Innovation: The introduction of new products like the “Mako” silencer and the titanium silencer for the Ducati Scrambler 800, especially with features like the carbon fibre heat shield, reflects Zard’s commitment to innovation. Constantly evolving product features suggest a strategy of staying ahead in a competitive market through technological advancement.
  • Market Exclusivity: Offering exclusive products like the limited edition system for the Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide with the “Zard Deep Sound” signature creates a sense of uniqueness. This strategy can attract customers seeking exclusivity and distinction in their motorcycle accessories.
  • Brand Positioning: By showcasing these advanced systems at a prestigious event like EICMA 2023, Zard effectively positions itself as a premium brand in the motorcycle exhaust system industry. This positioning can enhance brand perception and loyalty among its target audience.

Zard’s approach reflects a well-rounded strategy focusing on innovation, compliance, and market differentiation, all while maintaining a strong brand image in the high-end motorcycle accessories market. Their presence at EICMA 2023 is likely to reinforce their status as a leader in this niche industry.

Premium Market Segment with Euro5 Compliance

Evaluating the pros and cons of Officine Italiane Zard’s offerings at EICMA 2023 provides a balanced view of their position in the motorcycle exhaust system market:


  • Innovation and Quality: Zard’s focus on innovative design and quality manufacturing is evident in their tailored exhaust systems. This dedication enhances the performance and aesthetics of various motorcycle models, making them appealing to enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  • Environmental Compliance: By offering Euro5 homologated versions, Zard shows a commitment to environmental responsibility. This compliance not only broadens their market reach but also aligns with global trends towards more eco-friendly transportation solutions.
  • Market Differentiation: Their range of products for specific models like the Ducati Diavel V4 and Triumph Street Triple allows Zard to cater to niche markets. This specialization can create strong brand loyalty among owners of these models.
  • Exclusive Offerings: The introduction of exclusive products like the limited edition exhaust for the Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide positions Zard as a premium brand. This exclusivity can attract customers seeking high-end, unique accessories.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The focus on uncompromising aesthetics means that Zard’s products are not just functional but also enhance the visual appeal of motorcycles, a significant factor for many riders.


  • Price Point: Premium products and innovative designs often come with a higher price tag. This could limit Zard’s market to more affluent customers, potentially alienating budget-conscious riders.
  • Niche Market Focus: While specialization in specific models can be a strength, it also means that Zard’s products may not cater to a broader range of motorcycle enthusiasts, limiting their market reach.
  • Complex Installation: High-end, specialized exhaust systems might require more complex installation processes, potentially necessitating professional assistance, which can be an additional cost and inconvenience for some customers.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Advanced exhaust systems, especially those with unique features like carbon fiber components, might require more meticulous maintenance, which could be a drawback for some riders.
  • Regulatory Risks: Dependence on regulatory compliance (like Euro5) means that any changes in environmental legislation could impact Zard’s product lines, necessitating quick adaptation to new standards.


Officine Italiane Zard’s presence at EICMA 2023 showcases their dedication to excellence in motorcycle exhaust systems. With offerings like the “Mako” silencer for the Ducati Diavel V4, the innovative system for the Triumph Street Triple, the limited edition for the Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide, and the sleek titanium silencer for the Ducati Scrambler 800, Zard demonstrates a unique blend of performance, compliance, and aesthetic appeal.

These products not only cater to the diverse needs of motorcycle enthusiasts but also highlight Zard’s position at the forefront of exhaust system innovation. The company’s commitment to quality and design is evident, ensuring that each ride is not just about performance but also an expression of style and technical excellence.


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