Almost every machine, from the lowliest commuter bike to the most exotic of track day mounts, has an aftermarket exhaust system available for it. Sometimes there is only one option available, and occasionally myriad choices. The possibilities for aftermarket exhaust systems for your motorcycle are about as varied as the number of motorcycles on the road.


There are a plethora of aftermarket exhaust systems on the market. Aside from an Ohlins or Akrapovic, it becomes difficult to decide which suits you and your machine. Most brands range from good to excellent in sound quality, and they’re sure to make your buddies jealous with envy at stoplights.

While there are many exhaust manufacturers, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Zard is ranked at the top of the heap. Not only are exhaust systems a big part of their business, but they also manufacture lots of other parts and accessories that bring some serious, much-needed performance and bling to your motorcycle. The Sabbia ADV is one such product.



3 ADVs

It’s been designed explicitly for three popular adventure bikes: the Ducati Desert X, Aprilia Tuareg 660, and the Yamaha Ténéré 700.

At this point, it’s no secret that Zard is one of the premium brands offering pipe upgrades for adventure bikes. They’ve built their reputation by providing top-of-the-line handcrafting and top-shelf materials used to create their pipes. 

However, the Sabbia ADV pipe stands out from the bunch simply because of its unique design and distinct sound. It certainly means that Zard has found a way to boost an adventure bike but still keep it within the 600 ccs to 950 cc category.

Zard Sabbia is the new, outstanding Euro 5 homologated stainless steel slip-on exhaust.



Inspired in its shape by the typical aesthetics of the great African rally-raids but rich in innovative elements, Zard Sabbia is the result of extensive stylistic and engineering research by Officine Italiane Zard’s Centro Stile and R&D Team.

The Centro Stile of Zard has included some design elements that strongly define the identity of Sabbia.

The innovative graphic profile and logo are thus printed using high heat-resistant silk-screen printing in two colours. At the same time, the carbon fibre heat shield is inspired by Zard’s ‘Aero Technology’ concept. 

Its profiles and curves give dynamism to the exhaust’s shape and help channel airflow towards the silencer, dissipating heat from the headers.

Weight saver

Design then, but not only. Developed based on experience in off-road racing. Sabbia is a stainless steel slip-on system that is extraordinarily light and durable even in off-road use. Allowing a weight saving of up to 4.2 kg compared to the OEM unit, stopping the scales at 2.5 kg.

In addition to weight saving. There has also been an improvement in torque and power delivery, peaking at 1.8 hp. Within the parameters of Euro 5 homologation.

An exclusive range of engine guards has also been created as further evidence of the off-road destination that Zard thought of when creating the Sabbia exhaust kit.


An absolute premiere in the Officine Italiane Zard catalogue, these new engine guards are made of aeronautical aluminium alloy. And provide the necessary protection to the two-cylinder engines of the three motorbikes on dirt roads. With the usual attention to detail and styling of every Zard product.

Zard still needs to confirm the pricing for this product. However, you can read up on other details on their website.

via Zard and Motociclismo

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