Curtiss Motorcycle Co., Inc. (OTCMKTS: CMOT) announced today it offers a rare collection of unique prototype electric motorcycles to financial supporters participating in its direct-to-investor stock-selling campaign launched today as it pursues the restoration of one of America’s most storied legacy motoring brands.

The prototypes, inspired by the work of founder and pioneer Glenn H. Curtiss, span the critical foundational years of the Curtiss team’s light electric vehicle architectural research and development program, beginning with the 2018 Zeus Concept prototype, the winner of year’s “Most Innovative Motorcycle” award at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering.


Other available prototypes include one-of-a-kind Alpha and Beta validation examples of The one by Curtiss, the company’s debut model, and the very first pre-production unit currently residing in LA’s Petersen Automotive Museum.


“While Glenn’s focus on a flight changed the world for the better, his absence in the two-wheeled world caused our industry to evolve at a far slower pace of progress than it otherwise would have. It is our goal to bring Glenn’s first principle approach to innovation back to our industry, something it has lacked since his shift to aviation,” stated Curtiss CEO and co-founder Matt Chambers. 


“This historical collection of early and late-stage prototypes showcases our team’s first principle approach to the new golden age of motoring. While each piece is of significant value in its own right, the body of work will undoubtedly be considered a priceless collection of two-wheeled motoring history.”

We have invented luxury on two wheels, finally.

“Luxury goods are the only area in which it is possible the make luxury margins” – Bernard Arnault.

Curtiss has the perfect instrument (The 1), in the ideal market, at the perfect time, with an excellent team and plan to maximize your ROI.

Each prototype made available will be awarded to investors on a first-come, first-served basis at varying levels of financial support. Visit to learn more.

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