Ziller Garage: Exclusive look at the custom BMW R18

 Ziller Garage: Exclusive look at the custom BMW R18

We at LivingWithGravity magazine got a tip from a friend that Ziller Custom Garage in Russia is working on a custom BMW R 18. They posted a pic of their work in progress in May 2021. 

We have been following them since their last project- BMW NineR T, and we are really, really excited about this project! The team seems to be working hard on showing us something.

Now we see they have completed the custom BMW R18.R18 stands as a common platform to build the customs, and in the past, we could see multiple custom houses making one, whether it’s BlechmannKingston Custom or MB Cycles

COver-Ziller Custom Moskau BMW R18-9

Getting back to Ziller’s custom. The engine is still in the same place, but it changed its appearance with new covers, caps and mesh screens. The incredible custom job with a nice touch of evilness.

They have customized this model into a muscular and aggressive look. You can thank the “beefy” custom gets cover from all the sides.

All we could see is the half-visible 1,802 cc two-cylinder boxer engine of the R 18 engine for this stunning look.

For the custom BMW R 18, Ziller Garage has tweaked the architecture of the bike. The elegant rear sub-frame comes replaced with a taillight design, just like modern-day bikes. 

Ziller Custom Moskau BMW R18-3


The new tail light does not compromise length but gives an added touch to the rear. The sleek gas tank gets new brackets to accommodate the new rear sub-frame. 

The silver/white theme even spread on the wheels, making them more aggressive.

Ziller’s custom has a massive swingarm that can forgive the wheel-spacing resembling a motorcycle wheel. 

COver-Ziller Custom Moskau BMW R18-9

The wheelbase is also extended much in comparison to the original R 18 wheelbase. We say almost 7 inches in length. So it’s not much different from a long-wheelbase motorcycle, even though it features massive wheels.

Further, the notable changes are standard rims for both wheels getting replaced with large metal discs. Exhausts are short. As for the ground clearance, they have built the liftable chassis.

COver-Ziller Custom Moskau BMW R18-9

The massive 80 millimetres exhaust pipe of the stock BMW R 18 is gone, replaced with an angular telescopic silencer that looks like it has its primary attractions in the form of fins.

The seats and the rear section of the bodywork get a thick-metal wrap, while it gets a chic matte silver grey for BMW’s paint job. 

The stock 1,802 cc R18 makes 89.84 bhp @ 4,750 rpm as max power and 158 Nm @ 3,000 rpm as max torque.

The finish of the new motorcycle is high quality but not flashy. The appearance of the BMW R 18 is familiar; the overall design is clinical. 

And last but not least, we must mention the endless hours Zillers spent on making sure this custom looks fantastic.

Photos :  Zillers Garage


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