1:2 Scale BMW R 90 S Boxer powerplant is the perfect gift idea

 1:2 Scale BMW R 90 S Boxer powerplant is the perfect gift idea

The BMW R 90 S first hit the streets of Munich in 1973. It represented a swift departure for BMW Motorrad.Which had up until that point settled on straightforward, understated powerhouses.

The R 90 S shook things up with its then-controversial “sunburst camouflage” paint job and knock-off hubs.Neither of which were features that one might expect on a BMW motorcycle.


That irreverence packed more than just a visual punch. Beneath the café-style fairing and the pretty paint job was an air-cooled, 898 cc flat twin. That could get almost anywhere its rider dared to venture.

And motorcycle enthusiasts,. Purists and vintage motorcycle buffs have always wanted a true-to-life replica of one of these motorcycle engines. And now they can have it (almost). ‘

While the classic BMW R 90 S does come with a four-stroke, air-cooled, 898cc boxer engine.It is made of incredibly detailed stainless steel that captures the subtle intricacies of its real-life counterpart.


The level of detail taken by the model’s creators is mind-boggling. It’s a great-looking model that makes for a worthy addition to any BMW enthusiast’s collection.

Limited numbers were produced between 1969 and 1976. And original units or restored R 90s can be hard to come by today.

Fortunately, German brand Franzi Verlag offers fans of the iconic powerplant a way. To cherish the beloved boxer this Christmas via their 1:2 scale R 90 S model.

Consisting of 200 pieces, the mini-motorcycle powerplant accurately recreates the iconic boxer in all its glory.

This model not only captures the imagination with its eye-catching design but also offers a working audio system. And mechanical movement through an intricately detailed five-speed gearbox.

While these models are not intended to be ridden.They are consistently praised for their technical excellence and attention to detail.

It’s not often that one gets the chance to model an automobile from scratch.And to work on the Franzi Verlag 1:2-scale BMW R 90 S Boxer Model, the creator had two thoughts.

The first was, “How could I have not been aware of a company that specializes in making models out of cardboard?” and the second was, “I can finally do this!”

via Louis Moto

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