2019 model TRACER900 color lineup

TRACER900 color

[Discontinued] Blueish Gray Solid 4 [Discontinued] Matt Dark Gray Metallic 6


TRACER900 GT color

[Discontinued] Blueish Gray Solid 4 [Continued] Black Metallic X [Continued] Matt Dark Purplish Blue Metallic 1

2020 model TRACER900 color lineup

TRACER900 color

[New color] Matt dark gray metallic 6 [New color] Matt blueish gray metallic 3

TRACER900 GT color

[New color] Matt Dark Gray Metallic 6 [Continued] Black Metallic X [Continued] Matt Dark Purplish Blue Metallic 1 GT has one new color and two continuous colors, usually both are original colors.

2020 model TRACER900 price

  • 2018: 1,112,400 yen (GT: 1,198,800 yen)
  • 2019: 1,112,400 yen (GT: 1,198,800 yen)
  • 2020: 1133,000 yen (GT: 1221,000 yen)

It is as above when it is a tax-included price, but the price is unchanged if it does not include the tax.

The price has not changed since the model change in 2018.

Summary of changes in the 2020 model TRACER900

Price and specifications

  • No adjustments to equipment or specs
  • Price is unchanged

Comparison of the red color of GT of 2020 and 2019

  • Tank: Gray → Matt dark gray
  • Front cowl: gray → matt dark gray
  • Handguard: gray → matt dark gray
  • Hood under the seat: gray → red
  • Front fender: mat gray → mat dark gray
  • Rim stripe: Yes → No
  • Tank decal: change
  • Side cowl decal: color change

Comparison of 2020 matte and blue with 2019 dark gray

  • Tank: mat dark gray → mat gray
  • Handguard: matte dark gray → mat gray
  • Tank decal: change

The front cowl and the side cowl appear to have changed color, and also seem to have not changed. I do not understand.

There is only color change, so feel free to buy your favorite color in 2019 and 2020.

MT-07 is to be remodeled to EURO5, but the MT-09 series does not see such a story at present.

What’s going on around that?

Is it a model change to comply with exhaust gas regulations, or a model change that changes other equipment and exteriors.

The other models (like the MT-125, MT-25, and MT-07) also look like the current MT-09 series due to the model change.

Source : Global Yamaha

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