Sym has just updated the Maxsym TL Twin line CVT which now is 2021 version.

Lets quickly understand what changes?

  • The engine remains the same, which is a 4-stroke engine, incline twin-cylinder, eight-valve – DOHC. However, the size of the displacement goes from 465cc to 508cc.
  • The new motor now provides 45.5hp of power at 6,750 rpm compared to the earlier version which having 40.6hp at 6,750 rpm.
  • Interestingly the Torque to goes up from 42.16Nm at 6,250rpm to 49.9Nm at 5,250 rpm.


The upside-down front fork performs suspension duties, 41 mm and at Rear Multi-link single-sided shock absorber, preload adjustable.

The brakes are 275*2 + ABS at the front and 275 + ABS at the rear. 15-inch dimension for both the wheels. It comes with LED headlight and a digital dash. The new Maxsym Tl also gets the keyless start as standard and USB 3.0 charger.

With 12.5 l fuel capacity, the new Maxsym Tl is ideal for both city and long commutes.


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