Yamaha Motor Vietnam Company officially introduced the brand new Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA with the message “Ride the next level”.

It is a sports car developed as a “small YZF-R1”. First introduced in the Southeast Asian market and Vietnam is the first country to launch the product.


The Exciter 155 VVA comes designed to open up a new segment. A small sports car with sporty style. Yamaha Exciter VVA.


First launched in 2005, Yamaha Exciter has always affirmed its pioneering position as a symbol. And the leading choice in the sports car segment with outstanding sales growth.

Since 15 years Yamaha has developed Exciter, with significant upgrades. And improvements from gear car to manual clutch, from 135cc to 150cc. 

Exciter has conquered multiple customers who are passionate about sports and speed. 

The Exciter versions are always ahead of the trend. And make a big splash thanks to their advanced engine power, robust, sporty design. 

The use of modern features and breakthrough technology for the ultimate driving experience.

In 2020, with the effort and goal of bringing an outstanding. Exciter version to the enthusiast who truly feels excited to master the ultimate acceleration fully. 

The all-new Exciter 155 VVA sports car for the first time First introduced. With the development orientation as a “Little YZF-R1”. 

The new Exciter 155 VVA meets all the elements to become the most modern compact sports car from Yamaha Motor. 

It is also the first model. Pioneering a new development trend in the Vietnamese market’s sports car segment in particular and Southeast Asia.


Applying four technologies on YZF-R1.

Developed with the sporty DNA orientation of legendary large displacement cars. The Exciter 155 VVA comes upgraded.  And change with completely new details based on the technologies applied in the YZF-R1 super sports car.

But still ensuring the stability, flexible, everyday performance of a small displacement sports car.

The clutch A&S (Assist & Slipper) is similar to YZF-R1’s power steering and sliding style.
  • Assist: Increases clutch grip, anti-slip clutch.
  • Slipper: anti-lock wheel after stacking at high speed
  • Also, the new clutch handle is 10mm shorter than the 150cc version for better feel.
Customizable ignition maps according to YZF – R1 analogue number 

The Exciter 155 VVA is designed with four ignition schemes. Depending on the number ranges instead of 1 diagram as the old generation. Optimizing the outstanding engine performance. 

The ignition timing and fuel injection amount. Comes set according to the engine speed and throttle aperture. 

The first time the Yamaha Exciter model has comes applied with all four ignition schemes. 

The ignition scheme’s design for each gear has comes done in the past with large-displacement models.

But what makes the Exciter 155 VVA different is the ignition scheme considers each. Gear-specific as well as VVA variable valve system operation. 

It is an essential factor contributing to new, excitement and class when experiencing the Exciter 155 VVA.

 Applying the diamond carbon coating technology of the YZF-R1 model

In the high engine speed range, the diamond carbon-coated slider. (DLC) for durable and lighter pistons for smooth and powerful acceleration.

DLC coating technology is a method of converting carbon into a stable structure like a diamond. And then coating the metal surface to increase hardness and smoothness. 

DLC coating gives the driver a feeling of excitement when driving at high engine speed ranges.

Increase the injection angle and the number of fuel injection holes similar to YZF-R1

Increasing the fuel injection angle (15 o to 18 o ). And the number of injection holes (6 to 10 holes, close to the YZF-R1) is 12 holes to help fuel injection and increase engine power efficiency.


  1. 155cc VVA engine developed on the R15 engine platform
Maximum capacity of 17.7 horsepower, 17% stronger than 150cc version

The powerful engine block, increasing the engine power by 17% with the 150cc version. Offers a great driving experience for all conditions of use. From daily commuting in the city to long-distance travel.

  • It has 155cc, four valves, SOHC, electronic fuel injection and liquid cool engine.
  • Diameter and stroke of the piston are 58.0 x 58.7 mm, respectively.
  • The compression ratio of 10.5: 1 creates a maximum capacity of 17.7 horsepower at 9,500 rpm rev/min.
  • The 155cc engine has a maximum torque of 14.4 Nm at 8,000 rpm.

2. Infinitely variable valve system (VVA)

Two separate cam tabs control the intake valve: one cam for the low- mid-rpm range and one cam for the high rpm range.

High-speed intake valves will have longer opening times. Increasing intake air efficiency and overall capacity. VVA operates at 7,400 rpm or more.

3. 6-speed gearbox

Reduced engine feeling when operating at high intensity, reduced noise, better fuel economy when running long journeys.

4. Completely new air intake system

To create an all-new air intake system that maximizes engine efficiency, Yamaha tests manual wind filter models to choose the best one. 

New vertical air filter box, large aluminium intake manifold, extended intake hopper, new 28mm throttle body.

Optimizing the air filter chamber’s resonance parameters. A large volume of 4.6 litres gives a more sensitive and even feeling of increasing and decreasing throttle.

Higher loading efficiency and reduced noise and the oil filter effectively filter out fine dust particles.

5. System whose completely new chassis

The frame Exciter 155 VVA comes wholly redesigned to fit with the 155 VVA engine. The side of the car comes connected to the new Y-shaped reinforcement collar.

The boomerang engine mounts with 4.5 mm thickness are selected fitted to the cylinder head. The new chassis system ensures stable operation at high speeds at all corners.


1.The cluster of independent headlights two positions

The low and low beam separates the two different positions, allowing for a more compact design, increasing vehicle aerodynamics. 

Simultaneously, when the vehicle is cornering, the lighting zone follows the steering angle, improving the driver’s visibility.

The 2-ball headlight and integrated with the side positioning lights make the front end as balanced. And sharp as the sharp eyes of a beast clawing high on the sides of the car.

Yamaha first used this layout to help disperse the headlights light beam better without increasing the handlebars’ size. Keeping the front end neat and sporty.

Simultaneously, creating a unique and distinctive signature for the Exciter 155 VVA. This model can be easily recognized when looking at the street even at night.

2.Improved heat dissipation and cooling

Air vents in the crankcase reduce pump losses. The cooling system with ring-type thermostat reduces engine start-up time. And contributes to exhaust gas cleaning efficiency.

3. More improved exhaust system

The exhaust pipe and exhaust comes arranged for optimal output, with a new catalyst that helps filter out exhaust gases.

Additional fibreglass pads in the silencer for a quiet and quiet bass, reducing noise levels.

4. Upgrade suspension system

The front forks are tweaked for a longer stroke, increased from 90mm to 100mm, incorporating micro-tuning for better damping efficiency.

The rear shock absorber sports single-axis suspension for stable and safe cornering.

5. 2- piston front brake

Wheel disc brake clip includes two dual-piston brakes provide powerful braking force more than 17%.

Lead parts and friction force e u reachable rigid design creating effective braking system h Matt n. (Only available in premium version).

6. Multi-function full LCD dial

Critical parameters such as total distance, speed, gear indicator, VVA trigger, clear display of revs, scientifically. And intuitively arranged, and angles engineered for optimal performance comes observed.

7. Smart lock system

Activated when the holder is in range, combined with the crown’s turn to start the car. The lock has an integrated “answer-back” button to determine the vehicle’s position. (Only available in premium version).


8. Built-in 12V power outlet

12V charging socket for phones and other electronic devices(Only available in premium version).

9. Closed chain

Seal chain with seals (bolts) increases longevity, anti-mud to help durability and smoothness, better operation.

10. Sports-style saddle (solo)

The design is like two separate saddles, and the upward curve assists the driver. Contributing to the feeling of “solo” (alone) when driving with or without carrying more passengers.

11. Large 5.4-litre fuel tank

Combined with a fuel-efficient engine, the new Exciter runs 30% longer than the old version, approximately 265 km per refill.

12. New design taillights

The rear lights are similar to the YZF-R1.

13. New mudguard

Rear fenders are newly designed similar to the YZF-R1.

14. Engine shutoff switch

The engine switches off in an emergency without the use of a lock assembly.

15. Override headlight button

A utility only available in the Exciter line, helping people travelling on the road quickly recognize when you want to pass.

Price and colours in Vietnam as per versions

  • Premium version – Blue GP has a suggested retail price of  50,490,000 VND. 
  • Deluxe edition – Black Rough, Rough Red, Red White suggested retail price: 49,990,000 VND.
  • Standard version – Glossy Black, Matte Red, White Red, Suggested retail price: 46,990,000 VND.



You can access the spec sheet Exciter 155.


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