2024 Honda SH series scooters

Honda is releasing a new line of SH series scooters for the 2024 model year in Europe. The updates include:

  • New colours for all models:
    • SH125i and SH150i: Pearl Falcon Gray, Matt Pearl Cool White, Matt Pearl Pacific Blue, Classic Nightstar Black
    • SH350i: Zefiro Blue Metallic and Matt Techno Silver Metallic
    • SH Mode 125: Cady Luster Red and Matt Galaxy Black Metallic
  • Euro 5+ emissions standards compliance for the 125 and 150cc engines
  • Semi-transparent unpainted green fairings on the SH125i and SH150i Vetro versions, which reduce CO2 emissions by 9.5% during production
  • The new black front mudguard, black lower fairing, and bold white Honda logo with a Silver SH logo on the upper fairing on the 2024 model
  • Special sporty edition (SE) available in Matt Pearl Cool White, joining the Matt Coal Black Metallic SE variant

The 2024 SH models will start to arrive in dealers this year:

  • SH125i and SH150i: Now
  • SH350i: November 2023
  • SH Mode 125: January 2024


The Honda SH series scooters are a testament to the brand’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and market adaptability. Known for their urban agility and dependable performance, these scooters are a popular choice among European consumers. With the unveiling of the 2024 model updates, Honda reinforces its commitment to addressing both environmental concerns and consumer desires for style and versatility. This article delves into the enhancements and offerings of the 2024 SH series, from their eco-friendly advancements to their aesthetic upgrades. Join us as we navigate through the landscape of urban mobility, as sculpted by Honda’s latest offerings.

The update to the Honda SH series scooters represents Honda’s commitment to staying current and competitive in the European market, particularly within the urban mobility sector.

Here’s a breakdown of the key takeaways from the announcement and what these changes imply for consumers and the industry:

  • Eco-Friendly Enhancements: The semi-transparent unpainted green fairings are a significant step, showing Honda’s dedication to reducing the environmental impact of its production processes. This move likely aligns with the broader global push towards more sustainable practices across industries. Reducing CO2 emissions during production reflects not just on the product’s efficiency but also represents corporate responsibility towards environmental sustainability.


  • Compliance with Emission Standards: Meeting the Euro 5+ emissions standards indicates that the new scooters are designed to produce lower exhaust emissions. This compliance is crucial in the European market, where environmental regulations are increasingly stringent. It ensures Honda scooters can be sold across Europe and reassures customers who prefer environmentally friendly options.
  • Aesthetic Upgrades and Variety: The introduction of new color schemes and the special “Vetro” version emphasize the blend of style and functionality that Honda is known for. By offering a range of options, Honda caters to diverse consumer tastes, potentially broadening its market appeal. The “Vetro” version, guaranteed to turn heads, suggests Honda’s strategy of targeting the lifestyle segment, appealing to riders looking for style and statement, besides efficiency and reliability.

New Colours

  • Special Editions: The launch of special sporty editions (SE) shows that Honda is also catering to consumers who are looking for something extra from their scooters, be it in terms of aesthetics, exclusivity, or sporty appeal. These models often attract enthusiasts and riders who wish to stand out.
  • Market Strategy for Different Segments: The staggered release of different models (SH125i, SH150i now, followed by SH350i, and SH Mode 125) indicates a strategic approach to market penetration. By not releasing all models at once, Honda can sustain consumer interest over a more extended period and cater to different market segments effectively. Each model targets different demographics based on factors like price sensitivity, need for higher performance, or preference for style/status.


Honda’s strategy with the 2024 SH series scooters underscores its adaptability to market needs and trends, particularly the emphasis on environmental sustainability, compliance with regulations, aesthetic appeal, and a diverse range of options.


For consumers, these updates signify more choices, the ability to make environmentally responsible purchases and the assurance of buying from a brand that’s committed to innovation and staying ahead of market standards. This approach is not just good for business, but it also resonates with modern consumers who are increasingly conscious of environmental issues and societal trends.

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