The 2024 Isle of Man TT Races kicked off with a thrilling first day of qualifying. Despite some weather-related delays, the action on the track didn’t disappoint. Let’s dive into the highlights, starting with the big names and standout performances across the various classes.

Michael Dunlop Leads Superbike Class

Michael Dunlop, a name synonymous with the Isle of Man TT, set the fastest lap in the Superbike class. Aiming to surpass his legendary uncle Joey Dunlop in terms of wins, Michael clocked an impressive speed of 129.590 mph on his Honda Fireblade. This performance sets the stage for what could be a historic TT for Dunlop.

Davey Todd: Close Behind in Superbike

Hot on Dunlop’s heels was Davey Todd, who continues to show his prowess. Riding a BMW, Todd was less than a tenth of a second slower than Dunlop. His consistent performance signals he is a serious contender for the top spot.


Peter Hickman Secures Third Place

Peter Hickman, another strong contender, finished the day in third place on his BMW. Known for his speed and consistency, Hickman is one to watch as the qualifying sessions progress.

John McGuinness Shows Strong Form

Veteran rider John McGuinness finished fourth for Honda Racing UK, demonstrating that he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level. McGuinness’s experience and skill make him a formidable competitor in the upcoming races.

2024 Isle of Man TT – Supersport Qualifying 1 Results (Monday)
PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeMotorcycle
1Davey Todd125.60118:01.425Ducati
2James Hillier125.48318:02.439Kawasaki
3Michael Dunlop125.04818:06.208Triumph
4James Hind124.48818:11.092Suzuki
5Dean Harrison123.9818:15.561Honda
6Jamie Coward123.83318:16.868Triumph
7Peter Hickman123.78318:17.305Triumph
8Josh Brookes123.24318:22.115Yamaha
9Conor Cummins123.10418:23.357Honda
10Mike Browne122.84318:25.699Yamaha
11Dom Herbertson122.42218:29.506Yamaha
12Paul Jordan121.76618:35.484Honda
13Rob Hodson121.55418:37.431Yamaha
14Michael Evans121.33818:39.420Triumph
15Shaun Anderson120.85818:43.860Suzuki
16Joe Yeardsley120.77618:44.626Yamaha
17Craig Neve120.63418:45.947Triumph
18Joey Thompson119.19518:59.548Yamaha
19Ian Hutchinson118.90719:02.306Honda
20Stefano Bonetti118.21619:08.981Yamaha

Supersport Class: Davey Todd Shines

Davey Todd wasn’t just making waves in the Superbike class. He also set the fastest lap in the Supersport category on his Powertoolmate Ducati. Fresh off a victory at the North West 200, Todd’s form on the Ducati is impressive.

James Hillier Takes Second in Supersport

James Hillier followed Todd in the Supersport class, finishing second on his 600cc Kawasaki. Hillier’s performance was solid, showing he is in fine form and ready to challenge for the top positions.

Michael Dunlop’s Transition to Triumph

Michael Dunlop, the lap record holder and previous Supersport king, has switched from his 130 mph record-breaking Yamaha R6 to Triumph machinery for 2024. Despite the change, Dunlop was still on the pace, finishing third in the Supersport class, just five seconds off Todd’s best time.

2024 Isle of Man TT – Supertwin Qualifying 1 Results (Monday)
PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeMotorcycle
1Peter Hickman118.01119:10.981Yamaha
2Davey Todd116.06319:30.296Kawasaki
3Baz Furber114.95819:41.542Yamaha
4Mike Browne114.9119:42.037Aprilia
5Stefano Bonetti114.37219:47.600Paton
6Joe Yeardsley114.3419:47.928Paton
7Michal Dokoupil113.63919:55.259Aprilia
8Chris Moore113.12320:00.709Kawasaki
9Jonathan Goetschy112.86920:03.410Aprilia
10David Datzer112.08720:11.813Paton
11Marc Colvin111.69720:16.035Kawasaki
12Martin Morris111.63220:16.742Aprilia
13Francesco Curinga111.41420:19.133Paton
14Michael Russell110.26920:31.790Aprilia
15Brian McCormack110.13520:33.288Aprilia
16Tom Weeden109.94220:35.454Aprilia
17Allann Venter109.77120:37.375Kawasaki
18Pete Murray109.68220:38.379Kawasaki
19Kevin Barsby108.95620:46.634Kawasaki
20Wayne Bourgeais107.77121:00.343Aprilia

Supertwin Class: Peter Hickman Dominates

Peter Hickman once again showcased his skills, this time in the Supertwin class. Riding a Yamaha R7, Hickman topped the lightweight session, finishing a full twenty seconds ahead of Davey Todd, who was on a Kawasaki.

Davey Todd’s Strong Showing in Supertwin

Despite Hickman’s dominance, Todd managed a respectable second-place finish in the Supertwin class. His versatility across different classes is evident, making him a key player in this year’s TT.

Baz Furber Impresses with Third Place

Baz Furber, riding a Yamaha, rounded out the top three in the Supertwin class. His performance shows that he’s capable of mixing it up with the best.

2024 Isle of Man TT – Superbike Qualifying 1 Results (Monday)
PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeMotorcycle
1Michael Dunlop129.5917:28.139Honda
2Davey Todd129.57517:28.253BMW
3Peter Hickman128.72117:35.214BMW
4John McGuinness127.64617:44.096Honda
5Dean Harrison125.90917:58.782Honda
6James Hind125.83917:59.376Suzuki
7James Hillier125.75218:00.129Honda
8Michael Rutter124.78718:08.477BMW
9Phillip Crowe124.55218:10.530BMW
10Josh Brookes123.85618:16.664BMW
11David Johnson123.73318.17.752Kawasaki
12Conor Cummins122.28118:30.789Honda
13Craig Neve122.13518:32.114Honda
14Shaun Anderson119.43218:57.283Suzuki
15Erno Kostamo119.40318:57.560BMW

Superstock Class: Peter Hickman on Top Again

In the Superstock class, Peter Hickman continued to impress, posting the fastest time of 129.032 mph on his FHO Racing BMW. Hickman’s consistency across multiple classes makes him a standout performer.

Michael Dunlop Close Behind in Superstock

Michael Dunlop was right there in second place on his MD Racing Honda, just 1.3 seconds behind Hickman. Dunlop’s ability to compete at the highest level across different categories is a testament to his skill and determination.

Dominic Herbertson in the Mix

Dominic Herbertson put in a strong lap on his BMW stocker, finishing in third place. He was twelve seconds off Hickman’s best time, but his performance was solid and shows he’s a competitor to watch.

Challenges and Delays

The opening day of qualifying was not without its challenges. Delays due to bad weather pushed the untimed sessions back by five hours. However, once the action got underway, the riders made up for lost time with some incredible performances.

Weather Impacts Timing

The unpredictable weather at the Isle of Man always plays a significant role, and this year is no different. The delays impacted the schedule, but the riders adapted and delivered when it mattered.

Mechanical Issues for Michael Dunlop

Michael Dunlop faced some mechanical issues in the untimed session of the Supertwin class, preventing him from completing a lap in the evening session. Despite this setback, Dunlop’s performance in other classes remained strong.

2024 Isle of Man TT – Superstock Qualifying 1 Results (Monday)
PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeMotorcycle
1Peter Hickman129.03217:32.667BMW
2Michael Dunlop128.8717:33.989Honda
3Dom Herbertson127.5417:44.983BMW
4James Hillier127.53517:45.024Honda
5Jamie Coward127.32117:46.815Honda
6David Johnson127.2417:47.492Kawasaki
7Conor Cummins127.03617:49.212Honda
8Phillip Crowe127.03217:49.244BMW
9John McGuinness126.74517:51.666Honda
10Rob Hodson126.26617:55.732Honda
11Josh Brookes125.69718:00.601BMW
12Mike Browne125.63218:01.160Aprilia
13Paul Jordan124.84918:07.939Aprilia
14Michael Evans124.718:09.236Suzuki
15Brian McCormack124.6518:09.676BMW
16Nathan Harrison123.84518:16.757Honda
17Ryan Cringle123.00918:24.215Honda
18Shaun Anderson122.92818:24.936Honda
19Anthony Redmond122.71618:26.852BMW
20Julian Trummer122.37318:29.949Honda

What’s Next: Looking Ahead to Qualifying Two

With the first day of qualifying in the books, all eyes are now on the second day. Riders will be looking to improve their times and fine-tune their setups ahead of the first Supersport race on Saturday.

Key Riders to Watch

  • Michael Dunlop: With strong performances in both the Superbike and Supersport classes, Dunlop is a key contender.
  • Davey Todd: Consistently fast across multiple classes, Todd is set to challenge for top positions.
  • Peter Hickman: Dominant in both the Supertwin and Superstock classes, Hickman’s versatility makes him a standout.

Upcoming Races

The first Supersport race is scheduled for Saturday, and it promises to be an exciting event with fierce competition. The riders’ performances in the upcoming qualifying sessions will be crucial in determining their starting positions and strategies.


The 2024 Isle of Man TT Races are off to an exhilarating start. With big names like Michael Dunlop, Davey Todd, and Peter Hickman leading the charge, this year’s TT promises to be a memorable one. Despite weather-related delays and mechanical issues, the riders showcased their skill and determination, setting the stage for a thrilling series of races. Stay tuned for more updates as the qualifying sessions continue and the first races get underway.

Dive into the Thrill of the 2024 Isle of Man TT Races

The 2024 Isle of Man TT Races have kicked off with a bang, and the excitement is only just beginning. With day one of qualifying complete, the stage is set for a thrilling series of races. Big names like Michael Dunlop, Davey Todd, and Peter Hickman have already shown their mettle, but the real action is still to come.

Get Ready for More High-Speed Action

The first day gave us a taste of what’s to come, but there’s plenty more in store. Whether it’s the Superbike, Supersport, Supertwin, or Superstock classes, the competition is fierce and the speeds are breathtaking. Michael Dunlop is on a mission to become the most successful rider in TT history, and with his performances so far, he’s well on his way. Davey Todd and Peter Hickman are hot on his heels, ready to challenge at every turn.

Don’t Miss the Upcoming Qualifying Sessions

The next qualifying sessions are crucial as riders look to fine-tune their setups and improve their times. Every second counts, and the fight for the best starting positions will be intense. This is your chance to witness the world’s best road racers pushing the limits on one of the most challenging circuits.

Tune in for the First Supersport Race

Mark your calendars for Saturday, when the first Supersport race gets underway. With top riders like Davey Todd and James Hillier showing strong form, it’s bound to be an electrifying race. The switch of Michael Dunlop to Triumph adds an extra layer of intrigue—will he be able to maintain his dominance in this new setup?

Join the TT Community

Get involved with the TT community and share in the excitement. Follow the latest updates, cheer for your favorite riders, and immerse yourself in the history and passion of the Isle of Man TT. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of this iconic event, where legends are made and speed records are shattered.

Stay Updated and Engaged

Keep up with all the action by following official TT channels, social media, and dedicated fan sites. Every lap, every turn, and every rider’s story adds to the rich tapestry of the Isle of Man TT. Don’t miss a moment of the drama and excitement as it unfolds.

Be Part of the Action

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the world of TT racing, there’s no better time to dive in and experience the adrenaline-fueled spectacle. Get ready for more heart-pounding moments and unforgettable races. The 2024 Isle of Man TT Races are here, and you won’t want to miss a second!


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