Into the future of motorcycles with IAAD students.Kawasaki and the Akashi House have turned the predictions of the visionaries who have created several concepts for this increasingly important tool.


Adaptive is a motorcycle that is ready to be changed and adapted to fit the rider and adapt according to the roads in front of it.



Motorcycle manufacturers, through their products. Are trying to approach a segment of the community that has little interest in the “classic” segment. 


We see how this segment then is stirred by the new trends. And looks for ways to express itself in an environment where it feels most interesting; the sports motorcycle. 



What Muteki proposes is a Kawasaki concept for the future that combines elements from different types of vehicles. 

It has street bike styling, off-roading dynamics, racing side fairings. And retro aesthetics with LED lighting concealed inside.


As per Kawasaki, these projects are for educational purposes.And they don’t have any plans to bring them into production. But who knows.



Sales and marketing director Sergio Vicarelli said

“Working with new and fresh ideas is always a pleasure. And the guys have excellently done their job, many stimuli that will be a suggestion for the Kawasaki Heavy Industries team of designers regarding the motorcycle department.”

On the other hand, Luca Bar IAAD project coordinator said

The challenge of working on two fronts, two and four wheels.In addition for a client with a strong cultural. And technological characteristics such as Kawasaki has allowed us to approach design in a very contemporary way. 

Together with the search for new formal languages, the students could imagine and describe a possible future.

Where the means of transport, be it motorcycles or “side by side”, can become part of the customer’s lifestyle, passing from travel companion object.”

via Italy24news

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