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Adaptive, the Kawasaki of the future, is a good example

Into the future of motorcycles with IAAD students.Kawasaki and the Akashi House have turned the predictions of the visionaries who have created several concepts for this increasingly important tool. Adaptive Adaptive is a motorcycle that is ready to be changed and adapted to fit the rider and adapt according to the roads in front of it. […]Read More

Krax Moto designs the futuristic KTM Hyperduke 2990 concept

Krax Moto based in France, are not only famous for their exceptional motorcycle concepts. However, they are more renowned for the visualization of the future. Whether it is an elongated Golden concept of cafe racer or midsize Kawasaki supercharger, they have it all under their portfolio. The recent concept is the KTM Hyperduke 2990 concept. The Duke gets more power […]Read More

Is it reasonable to think about future Honda NC750X?

It was a mystery between the 2020 model and the 2021 model, but the 2020 model has already announced. For 2020 models, click here for more details. Since the 2020 model arrives in 2021, is it reasonable to look at the 2021 or 2022 model? Why not Honda may announce in 2020 as usual. The specs of […]Read More

All about Yamaha’s electric scooters E01 and E02

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2019. Yamaha unveiled its two electric scooters. E01 It is a scooter with 125 cc for day to day commuting. It also can charge fast and has is rated excellent overall in from the performance point of view. The yellow plate of the battery E01 is a cooling fin and […]Read More

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