Akrapovič  better known as “Akra” across the globe is a Slovenian manufacturer of exhaust systems that began in 1990 in the motorcyclemarket, and expanded into automobile exhausts in 2010.

In only few years Akrapovič has originated from a limited band making exhausts in a shed to being the main brand worldwide for street riders and race groups alike. Stories like this for the most part begin with a visionary, and this is the same like Igor Akrapovič.

Headquarter in ‎Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia today Akrapovič has strength of more than 450 plus employees with revenues of more than ‎€71 million.


Akrapovič  today partners with world renowned motorcycle manufacturers like Yamaha, BMW Motorrad to name few. Akrapovič also supplies the exhaust systems for Audi’s LMP cars.

Below is the journey of Akrapovič company.

Akrapovič was founded in 1991 by former racer and Slovenia native Igor Akrapovič. Igor’s over ten-year motorsport career included many wins. Akrapovič evolved after Igor noticed the lack of high-quality exhaust systems available to the public that were capable of meeting the extreme technical demands in racing.

Initially, Akrapovič produced one-off systems for private racing teams. From the beginning, these were exceptional examples in their class, capturing the attention of most teams in the Pro Superbike championship.

A partnership with Kawasaki Deutschland was formed in the 1990s after the Akrapovič system out-performed the factory version. This was the beginning of major long-term cooperation with many teams in the Pro Superbike and World Superbike championships, where Akrapovič achieved a string of wins and championship titles. The first Akrapovič victory in an individual WorldSBK race was won in 1997 by Japanese factory rider Akira Yanagawa.

In 1997 Akrapovič also moved into a new and extreme phase of exhaust manufacturing expertise with a continuous rise in sales of performance exhausts to privateers and street riders.

Within a decade, Akrapovič had risen to global prominence. Below is the Akrapovic companys journey.

On Full Moon Motorcycle concept

The Full Moon Motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle that was made exclusively to promote our exhaust systems. There are no plans to make another of its kind, nor to put it into production.

Igor Akrapovič’s racing background

Igor Akrapovič began motorcycle racing in 1977 on 250 GP two-strokes, then 1000 cc four-strokes in the F1 Open Class, and then in the Superbike class by the end of his racing career in 1988 and 1989.

Advantages of Akrapovič exhaust systems, over competitors

Akrapovič exhaust systems are renowned for their impact; they offer enhanced performance, lightweight construction, durability, and sound. The company’s manufacturing facilities maintain quality control by designing and manufacturing exhaust systems in-house.

This allows exhaust tubes to be created to the company’s exact specifications for maximum performance and quality. Akrapovič uses heat-resistant titanium alloys for all key exhaust parts, not just the outer sleeves, like many competitors. Stainless steel is also a key material for certain products, as is the use of ultra-light carbon fibre, which has high tensile strength and temperature resistance.

On building custom motorcycles.

In 2011, the Akrapovič company decided to expand its production range and to produce exhaust systems for certain motorcycles from the custom segment. Due to increased demand for the production of exhaust systems in road segments in 2014, Akrapovič decreased production of exhaust systems in the custom segment and increased production in the road category.

On automotive industry? Like Formula 1?

The Akrapovič company entered the automotive industry in 2004. The company produced and equipped an exhaust system for an F1 racing car used by one of the leading racing teams.

In 2008, Akrapovič achieved its first victory in automotive racing with the Manthey-Racing team at the prestigious 24 Hours Nürburgring. Today Akrapovič offers a wide range of premium exhaust systems for various car brands and models. For more information, please visit

Igor Akrapovič is very satisfied with all the achievements by the company, but his ambitions remain high: “The fact remains that even more titles could have been won. I have to emphasize that you can’t compare the path of a company to a short race, but more to longer ones.

If I made a joke and compared our path to races, I’d say our path isn’t so much like a short MotoGP race as it is like the long and difficult Dakar Rally. In the end, it’s not only the fastest ones that win, but especially those who make the fewest mistakes.”

Akrapovics Future Mission and Goals

The company’s mission will likely remain the same: to be the leading manufacturer of exhaust systems and innovative titanium products. Right now both the motorcycle and car industries are primarily focusing on reducing the vehicles’ weight.

This is currently the common principle of development for any vehicle because less weight improves fuel efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. In the car and motorcycle industry, a number of titanium products can be made and used.

Of course, our vision is also to enhance the Akrapovič brand, strengthen connections with our business partners, and continue to work well together with racing teams and the world’s best racers, so that Akrapovič products continue to take the top places in various races around the world.

Factory Headquarter

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Source : Akrapovič
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