All about 2020 Yamaha NMAX155

 All about 2020 Yamaha NMAX155

The new 2020 Yamaha NMAX155 will be announced on Dec 2nd in Indonesia as nationwide dealers are going to meet in Indonesia on Dec 2nd.

Comparison of Old vs New

    • The new model gets updated headlight.
    • Winkers are updated in the model.
    • A model for Southeast Asia with a license plate hole on the screen.
    • New exterior except front fender and mirror.
    • The shape of the cover around the engine is different.
    • The suspension is updated.
    • New speedometer for 2020 model.
    • Sheet change.
    • EURO 5 so change in the engine.
    • Updated Tail lamp.
    • The right pocket has a lid.
    • Power on left pocket.
    • The exhaust is thin.

Both the models are almost similar but the new looks sharp, more agile and bold. The price of this mew model we are not sure as yet.

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