2021 Honda CBR600RR has made waves since Honda brought on the motorcycle scene.

We are talking about the 2021 CBR600RR Japan spec. Honda may well plan it to bring in other regions like North America or Europe.


So there are no details available. However, in North America, Honda plans to introduce the 2021 CBR600RR in October.

Whereby all the details will be available right from specs to pricing. In Japan, the 2021 CBR600RR was introduced in August 2020.


In 2003 when Honda introduced the CBR600RR, it was based on the technologies used in the Honda RC211V.

Later on we there were several iterations, and they were in respective years.

  • 2003-2004
  • 2005–2006
  • 2007–2008
  • 2009-2012
  • 2013–2017
  • 2021

Changes in Engine, electronic package, chassis, exhaust

The first thing first Honda engineers have focused on improving the engine specs. The old redline 13,500 rpm is elevated to 14,000 rpm. To achieve the safe rides in high rotations, Honda has specifically made changes in components like the crankshaft, valve springs and camshafts.

The size of the inlet ports is raised from 40mm to 44mm now this is responsible for the improvement in the intake efficiency.

When it comes to the electronic package, the new amended 2021 CBR600RR now packs a lot of punch. 

Why well it now arrives with ride by wire and IMU electronic package. 

Now it does mean a rider can enjoy the wheelie control, power modes and traction control. The 2021 CBR600RR also comes with a new slipper clutch and the quick shifter.

Well, the best part rider can fine-tune the angles with the ABS system.

As far as the other components go like the exhaust, now the 2021 CBR600RR comes with large catalyzer which is to filter the gas.

To decrease the weight, for every exhaust pipe Honda has made the exhaust plates thinner.

Honda has also amended the chassis, and one thing they did was to reduce the weight of the swingarm by 150 grams.

Another good thing is Honda has subsequently made changes in aerodynamics which have decreased drag coefficient.

2021 CBR600RR gets 10mm lower fuel tank shelter when compared to the earlier version. Similarly, the front projection area is lessened. Also, by managing the aerodynamics, the cooling efficiency of the radiator is largely increased.

What more the lower cowl now comes elongated towards the rear tire which helps the airflow to go downward. It helps to minimize the amount of air which hits the rear tire.

Also, 2021 CBR600RR is housed with LEDs and new TFT display.

The 2021 CB600RR HRC

Honda Racing Corporation (hereinafter HRC) will supply “CBR600RR race-based vehicles” with greatly improved performance on the circuit to HRC service shops (hereinafter service shops) nationwide from January 2021.

The “CBR600RR race-based car” is a model-changed public road specification “CBR600RR” with unnecessary safety parts removed, HRC KIT parts ECU, harness, front and rear suspension, front brake plate thickness disc installed, and the service shop is unique.

The developed parts (cowl, step, etc.) necessary for racing will be incorporated and released from the service shop as a complete racing car.

* Sales time, specifications, and prices vary depending on each service shop.

In addition, HRC will also sell racing KIT parts for CBR600RR from January 2021.


  • Displacement : 599 cc
  • Engine type: Water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve in-line 4-cylinder
  • Inner diameter x stroke (mm) : 67.0 × 42.5
  • Compression ratio:12.2
  • Torque: 47 ft-lbs @ 11,500 rpm
  • Horsepower: 119 HP @ 14,000 RPM (89 kW)
  • Weight (kg): 194
  • Frame: Diamond
  • Clutch: Assist and slipper
  • Front Brake: Hydraulic double disc
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic disc
  • Front suspension: Telescopic type
  • Rear suspension: Swingarm type

In Japan, the 2021 CBR600RR retails at 1,606,000 yen.




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