John Belushi and the motorcycle

 John Belushi and the motorcycle

The name John Belushi is synonym to comedy and singing. With his lethal style of work and during his lifetime, John has captured multiple hearts.

Who could forget his stylish Ray ban wayfarer and his role in the ‘ Bluto ‘ in Animal House?

Well, apart from comedy and singing he also attended the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater for a year, which inspired the famous Animal House scene of him as D-Day riding a motorcycle up the stairs.

Now, this, of course, was a famous scene. And this is how we establish John’s relationship with motorcycles in this article.

To go a little further and make everyone happy you can now watch John’s film ‘Belushi’.

Belushi talks about John’s identity as an intricate and singular essence of a beloved American icon who made a profound impact on the culture and comedy forever.

John discovered his talent when he visited Chicago’s Second City theatre, and from then on, there was no turning back.

His appearance on SNL scheduled on Saturday nights made him more famous. He was also responsible for establishing a band ‘ The Blue Brothers ‘.

And it all made him more famous he was no one on TV shows and the same with the comedy.

John received Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004. However, in 1982 this star disappeared from the earth due to the fatal injection of cocaine and heroin.

Now watch the Belushi here on November 22nd, Sunday.


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Akash Dolas

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