Lately, BMW is filing some intelligent patents and few among them are.

Now we do see something more from BMW. However, BMW directly files a patent which is related to proactive, predictive assistance.

It isn’t anything new. However, BMW wants to push this technology in their motorcycles.



What do we see here? When grip loosens in the motorcycles, the electronic systems like the ABS or traction control goes in reactive mode.

However, BMW wants to fill this gap.

Patent diagram showing multiple cameras located at the front and they are present to scrutinize and analyze the data.

The system will be proactive enough to read the changes on the road like potholes, puddles.

The patent also uses mics so the system will be additionally able to detect the changes in the sound on the road.

How does it work?

The real-time data received is collected, and the system ensures the motorcycle is entirely adapted before even reaching to the puddle or pothole.

There are other factors like steering angle or lean angle also come in play.

In the case of electronic chassis, it is possible to reduce the output.

It may take a specific time to bring the patent into existence practically, but then nothing is impossible.

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