There is no wonder about motorcycles having the rear swingarm made up of carbon.

BMW is now one step ahead and has patented a mechanism which brings together both components and forms a single unit.

The traditional design involves more of main-frame having engine stacked in it with front suspension connected.


Plus rocker arm guides the rear wheel which comes within the main-frame. And a block of the engine and the support comes from the spring struts with or without the deflection.

Now the patent drawings are viral on the internet, and BMW has applied a different approach.

The structural separation is absent in the rear swingarm and the main-frame. With the help of carbon fibre laminate. Both rear swingarm and the main-frame comes together. It helps to save the efforts from the reverse levers.

And therefore, the mechanism becomes more flexible. What makes the arrangement more intelligent is. It uses the various properties of the carbon components, which is rigid in one direction and elastic at the another.

The mechanism gets robust in the transverse direction and on the other hand, is more flexible in the vertical direction as intended to imitate the swing motion of standard motorcycle.

And another component we see are the shock absorbers and is required to dampen the spring movement of rear-wheel and bring more stiffness.

All said and done we would like to see this mechanism in future motorcycles from BMW. And we also see this is a long term plan from BMW.

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