Last year in April 2019, we saw Evoke Motorcycles had unveiled the concept of much ambitious project 6061.

In 2018 LivingWithGravity were the first to know about this project from Evoke’s, Sebastian Chrobok, Co-Founder and VP of EU Sales.

And then following the news about the batteries getting charged in 15 minutes. Evoke comes with new cruiser concept called Evoke 6061.


Spearheading the route in associated, open, and simple to ride bikes, Evoke has changed the perception

By utilizing licensed electric drive-prepare. Evoke guarantees the motorcycle continues to control at long stretches of agreeable riding.

Twin Plate Frame utilizes an accuracy laser removing process. It cuts the bikes casing and battery box from durable T6061 aluminium billet pieces.

The majority of the power-train parts, battery modules, and rounded subsections are then straightforwardly mounted to the twin plate outline. 

The back swing arm utilizes a similar twin plate plan and sports double Coilover back stuns.

Now the concept has come in reality and is officially unveiled by Nathan Siy, CEO of Evoke Motorcycles and Sebastian Chrobok, Co-Founder and VP of EU Sales.

We don’t see much difference between the concept and the actual bike.


With a 21.6kWh pack, Evoke gets about 470 – 480km of range at city speeds (Light to light, 50 – 60km/h rolling speeds).

On highway tests, it drops down to about 250 – 280km at 80 – 140km/h speeds. 

The support network is slowly growing. Evoke has a robust network in Australia, NZ, China, Canada and building out new dealers and distributors on the daily. 

The bike is a final test bike before production. All major components, design and supply chain are finalized already except for a few exterior panels. 

Further, Evoke said

We take the opportunity to chat with the community to see if anything should be amended before cutting moulds and finalizing everything.  

We have some new products in the works which are right in this category. The 6061 is designed for the power cruiser rider in mind.

See the entire unveiling video of 6061.

About Evoke

Evoke Electric Motorcycles are pioneers in creating a secure, greener and progressively available bikes to those who are craving to ride. 

With the most recent electric power train with IoT and IoV innovation. Building bikes for proficient riders, while offering solace and wellbeing.

By streamlining the riding mechanics and coordinating brilliant innovation,. They have dispensed with a rider’s expectation to absorb information.

Plus their products have helped to save cost when compared to another standard fuel.

Source: Evoke

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