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Evoke electric motorcycles set their sights on Spain

With the launch of the Evoke 6061 on the horizon, the company announced that it would be setting up shop in Valencia, Spain.  This investment marks Evoke’s debut into one of Europe’s most popular hubs for manufacturing.  Evoke, an electric motorcycle manufacturer has just announced that they are setting up shop in Madrid, Spain.  This […]Read More

Evoke motorcycle unveils electric cruiser 6061

Last year in April 2019, we saw Evoke Motorcycles had unveiled the concept of much ambitious project 6061. In 2018 LivingWithGravity were the first to know about this project from Evoke’s, Sebastian Chrobok, Co-Founder and VP of EU Sales. And then following the news about the batteries getting charged in 15 minutes. Evoke comes with new cruiser concept […]Read More

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