Evoke is increasing the entire series’ traction battery pack by 28% 

 Evoke is increasing the entire series’ traction battery pack by 28% 

With the launch of the Evoke 6061 on the horizon, the company announced that it would be setting up shop in Valencia, Spain. 

This investment marks Evoke’s debut into one of Europe’s most popular hubs for manufacturing. 

Evoke, an electric motorcycle manufacturer announced in August 2021 that they are setting up shop in Madrid, Spain. 

The move will substantially impact the Spanish electric vehicle market. As many companies have utilized the city as a base to test their products. 

Evoke is known for pushing the limits of performance EV bikes and breaking records in the process. 

As evidenced by the increasing number of international motorcycle manufacturers. Spain is not just a “motorcycle” country. 

Instead, they have developed a culture of two-wheels. 

That continues to grow thanks to the efforts of companies such as Evoke Motorcycles and their lineup of modern electric motorcycles.

In its latest press release. Now Evoke is on the verge of increasing the traction in the battery.

To make electric motorcycles more accessible. Evoke Motorcycles is releasing our brand upgraded battery pack for the 2022 Urban Series.

28% increase in traction

  • Including the Urban S and the Urban Classic. Evoke Electric Motorcycles is increasing the entire series’ traction battery pack by 28%. 
  • Which will bump the effective city range to over 250 km (155 miles) when consuming 35 – 40 wh/km. 
  • The increase in the range comes from an increase in battery capacity and a move to a new prismatic form factor. 
  • The 2022 Urban Series will feature a 113.4v, 102ah lithium NMC pack for a total of 10.0 kWh of capacity.
  • With the new 10.0 kWh battery pack.The Urban S and Urban Classic will have a highway range of 180 km (110 miles), at an average of 55 wh/km, as tested. 

Charging station

  • Topping up the Urban Series can be done at any J1772 electric car charging station. And will get you back on the road in only 90 mins to 80% (Urban Classic with the 3.3kW onboard charger).
  • Shifting to the 2714897 prismatic form factor puts the raw cell safety standards on par with BMW and Jaguar.And with Evoke Motorcycles’ BMS and ECU v2.0 regulations and controls discharge carefully, charging, balancing and temperature management. 
  • The prismatic form factor now also shares the same architecture as our 2022 Evoke Motorcycles 6061-GT. Allowing up to 660 km of in-city range.


“From existing customer feedback.We’ve listened to the request for more range and were worked hard to deliver on that promise. 

The new pack allows our customers to commute and now explore more of the twist. And turns of the countryside without range anxiety,” says Evoke Motorcycles’ COO, Sebastian Chrobok.

via Evoke

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