With the launch of the Evoke 6061 on the horizon, the company announced that it would be setting up shop in Valencia, Spain. 

This investment marks Evoke’s debut into one of Europe’s most popular hubs for manufacturing. 

Evoke, an electric motorcycle manufacturer has just announced that they are setting up shop in Madrid, Spain. 


This move will substantially impact the Spanish electric vehicle market.As many companies have utilized the city as a base to test their products. 

Evoke is known for pushing the limits of performance EV bikes and breaking records in the process. 

As evidenced by the increasing number of international motorcycle manufacturers, Spain is not just a “motorcycle” country. 

Instead, they have developed a culture of two-wheels. That continue to grow thanks to the efforts of companies such as Evoke Motorcycles and their lineup of modern electric motorcycles.


A large part of the ongoing discussions between Evoke and Grupo Moto Ibérica concerns retail space. Whom Evoke had partnered with.

 A considerable amount of floor space is set aside by Grupo Moto Ibérica for hosting. Evoke’s fleet of electric motorcycles and merchandise. 

The plan is to utilize this space as a working showroom.Home to the famous 6061 and more motorcycles.

Evoke has a portfolio of customers with which to start selling its new products in this territory. 

To offer the best experience to consumers, the company has reached agreements with dealers that will distribute them throughout Spain. 

The idea is that as soon as summer arrives. And in parallel with the official launch of electric motorcycles on the European market. It will be possible to get them in Spain from a network of dealers.

This electricity-guzzling segment would soon dwarf the e-mobility industry in Spain. And could just be the spark electric motorcycle companies were looking for to gain widespread appeal. 

By opening a store in Spain.Evoke would have a large and vital market to sell to the right off the bat.Without dealing with the hassles of setting up/maintaining a dealer network.

Evoke Portfolio

6061: It is one of the most powerful machines in Evokes Portfolio that comes with 160hp and gets a range of 470 km.

The battery of the 6061 effectively gets 80% charged in just 15 mins.

However, it comes to around $30,680 (26,200 Euros)

Urban Classic and Urban S: These two falls under the middleweight category. The Urban S arrives with a 19kW electric motor that makes 25hps and gets an excellent total range of 250 kilometres. The Urban S gets a decent price tag of $11,186 (9,480 Euros).

Again Evoke plans to launch the Urban Classic, which is similar to Urban S and however it has a classic headlight and comes with $11,776 (9,980 Euros).

The significant difference between Classica and Urban S is a built-in fast charger.

Further, if the shop in Madrid takes off well. Evoke plans to open in shops in other cities of Spain like Barcelona and Valencia, and we may also see slowly Evoke in Portgual.

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