Electric Motorcycle

With the recent arrival of the first electric bikes in the two-wheel market and considering the enthusiasm with which fanatics welcome this new technology, it is worth reviewing the pros and cons of this type of ride.

While most of the drawbacks of electric bikes can be attributed to the embryonic state of technology, its advantages are already quite notable.

  • Economy:
    One of the main advantages of the electric bike is of course the economy that it allows in terms of fuel. As we may all know, the price of gasoline is reviewed every year to be on the rise. In terms of energy, the electric motorcycle costs less.
  • No pollution:
    Also, it is noted that the current pollution, whether atmospheric or sound, is at its height, which makes it necessary to look for new alternatives and the electric motorcycles is one of these better alternatives. For motorcycles-cross, scooters and other mopeds, whose noise is sometimes so irritating, this is an advantage not to be neglected especially for our dear environmentalists.
  • Maintenance:
    It should be noted that, its maintenance is relatively easy, because unlike the conventional motorcycles, the electric motorcycle has no oil nor belt, which are the two elements that usually cause dirt on the bodywork and the different parts of the bike.

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  • Safety and manipulation:
    Generally, electric motorcycles are seen to be safer and can be easily operated. Usually, electric motorcycles have recent technological advancements such as smart turning off feature which is an in built feature that enables the electrical motorcycle to turn off automatically when not in use. This helps reduce the waste of energy. With a limitation on the maximum load and speed, there is a reduced risk of accidents occurring.
    Even though the benefits of the electric motorcycle are undeniable, the electric motorcycle also has some flaws which are worth stating out.
  • The battery and the recharge time:
    On average, it is known that it takes about two hours or more to recharge the battery of electrical motorcycles and that autonomy is often limited to about hundreds of kilometers, it is quickly noticed that this number is clearly insufficient especially if you are the ‘ever cruising’ type.
    This is why the government intends to have millions of recharging spots for electric motorcycles and electric vehicles in general (cars, bikes, scooters etc) installed in the nearest future. In order to achieve this objective, the construction of buildings (offices and houses) with car parks will absolutely have to incorporate recharge plugs.
    When there are more charging terminals for electric motorcycles, there is no doubt that the market will have a real boom.
    It goes without saying that autonomy decreases depending on the weight of the driver and a possible passenger. So when taking on a second passenger, you may want to consider their size.

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  • The size:
    The batteries of electric motorcycles are too often voluminous and heavy, which can be quite annoying for rider and this may in some way affect the performance.This is attributed to the conventional problem of producing and storing electricity. Nevertheless, technological progress helps, there is a good bet that the volume and weight of the batteries of these electric motorcycles will decrease as fast as those of mobile phones and other computers are decreasing;
  • Recycling:
    Another issue with the electric motorcycles are the batteries which are quite difficult to disposed of. This explains why more often than not, the batteries of electric motorcycles are rather recycled and not thrown away. An endless recycling will definitely bring about the loss in quality in a long run

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  • The price:
    Finally, the biggest drawback is obviously the price that is relatively more expensive compared to the classic bikes. In any case, it is important to compare offers and performance before opting for a particular model. Before riding the bike, you must not forget to put on your motorcycle cross helmet and its protections.
    Some cities offer bonuses for the purchase of some electric scooters. It is hoped that the measure will soon be extended to all two-wheeled vehicles, as well as the ecological bonus.
    If the offer is for the time being too confidential for there to be specific two-wheel insurance, it will be interesting to see how the insurers adapt their motorcycle insurance offers to electric motorcycles.Is Benelli TNT 200 so significant in India?
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