Evoke 6061

Quiet recently Evoke Motorcycles based in Beijing made public about there expansion plans. They have started their distributorship across Europe and have three distributors and the countries are Germany, Austria, and Malta.

Expansion Plans

In Germany, enthusiastic buyers can pre-book the Urban 2020 model. While in Austria Evoke already has all the current lineup i.e Urban 2018 models. The models as we know will be shipped soon.

As far as upcoming 2020 models are concerned those can be pre-booked.


For Malta shipping has already been carried out and the models are on its way. In America, the models can be pre-booked as of now.

Apart from the above three locations, Evoke has also added other locations like Croatia, Czech, Hong Kong, Norway, America, Australia, China, Hungary, Spain, and New Zealand.

Urban Series 

Urban 2020 Electric Motorcycle specs

  • Torque : 19 kW (25 hp) rear hub motor with 116 Nm (85 lb-ft)
  • Battery: 8.4 kWh battery pack and 7.6 kWh can be used.
  • Range: 200 km (125 mi) and will be able to charge on 120V AC or 240V AC systems.
  • With the help of the J1772 connector, it can be charged from 0-80% in less than 90 minutes when equipped with an optional dual charger.
  • Goes up to 81mph i.e 130 km/h
  • Price: $7,899 in the US.
  • More on 2020 Urban Series here .

Evoke has since then updated the 2018 model. Starting with the Sine Wave Inverter; Evoke Motorcycles has made it smoother, smarter and even more powerful on our 2020 smart electric motorcycles, currently at 800 phase amps, which is double what their 2019 models had.

They have, also, remapped the throttle on their motorcycles too, simultaneously, be more powerful and easier to control, giving it a more natural feeling for better riding experience.

Adding to this, they have adapted a better display with a non-touch LCD screen. In previous models, to switch between modes, our riders would have to park the motorcycles, press a button to unlock the screen, and then switch to their preferred modes.

Charge in 15 minutes. Evoke Says “YES”

Evoke is also working on a battery that will be capable enough to charge between 0 to 80% in 15 minutes. Apart from that we also had a talk with Sebastian Chrobok, VP of Europe Sales last year and the video has below.

  • Introduction of Sebastian Chrobok, Co-Founder and VP of EU Sales
  • About Evoke Motorcycles
  • Quick Introduction of Nathan Siy, CEO and Founder
  • A small tour of Evoke Office and Introduction to team
  • Little map where everybody from Evoke is in the world
  • About Urban S and Urban Classic Models
  • Sebastian explains how Evokes fast charging method works.(Also read more on fast charging here)
  • LivingWithGravity becomes first on the planet to know about Project Kruzer( Upcoming Motorcycle from Evoke)
  • How the electric motorcycle market is changing
  • How electric motorcycle differs from conventional motorcycles and
  • Evoke Expansion and Future Plans

Evoke also plans to bring an electric cruise called “Project Evoke 6061 ” which we will see soon on road.

LivingWithGravity’s Take

Things we like

Since Evoke’s inception from 2014, we know the efforts that Evoke has put in order to scale the brand and its vision. 

Yes and definitely these efforts have borne fruits in terms of expansion plus buyer gets variety whether it is an Urban naked electric motorcycle or an upcoming electric cruiser.

Of course, the cost is another factor that Evoke has managed to keep it low making it more economical for buyers.

Things we don’t like

The power of the motorcycle is low when compared to other electric competitors. but we feel it is decent for your everyday ride and fairly long commute as well.

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